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Bob Morley And The Jed Foundation Campaign

by Evelyn Ulrich
Bob Morley

Bob Morley is doing another Represent.com campaign, and this time, it’s for the Jed Foundation.  He is encouraging the fandom to support a wonderful cause, and you can find out on how you can do just this.

Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake on The 100) designed a shirt specifically for the Jed Foundation, a nonprofit for mental illness and depression for adolescents and young adults.   His shirt, designed by Morley himself, is a distinct and unique design of true being.  He titled the design. “What’s wrong with a little chaos?”, one of Bellamy’s infamous quotes from the first season of The 100.  I think I can safely say, at least for myself, that the mind can be a chaotic mess.  This does not make it a bad thing, as many, sadly project it to be.  It just means that our mind needs a bit of help.

“It doesn’t make me crazy, or weird, or anything like that.  It just makes me a human.” Morley states in his Twitter video.  He launched the Jed Foundation Represent campaign on July 7th.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXZV1T_g3DI[/embedyt]

Bob Morley’s Jed Foundation Campaign Twitter video (HQ)


You can help support Bobby’s campaign and youth by going to represent.com/bob and ordering a shirt.  There a quite a few styles to choose from, and all proceeds will go to the Jed Foundation.  The campaign will only last for two weeks, so be sure to check it out.  I have ordered two shirts; one for me, and one for a future Grounders Source contest.  *Wink-wink!*

This is Bobby’s (I call him that for personal reasons, as my father is also named “Bob.”)  second mental health awareness campaign.  His first one launched in 2015 with the “Whatever the hell we want” shirt to raise funds for Australia’s Beyond Blue.  It raised well over $1800. (USD)

To keep the interest momentum and reminders going, Bobby snapped a couple of “selfies” on his Twitter profile.  It grabbed my interest for sure!

Bob MorleyBob Morley

This is a very wonderful thing to do, and if you cannot purchase a shirt, just sharing the word helps as much.

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