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The 100 DVD Giveaway Contest Entries

by Evelyn Ulrich

This is the moment that you have been waiting for!  The 100 DVD giveaway contest entries.  The winner will receive a copy of The 100 season three DVD, courtesy of Grounders Source.


The entries will be in chronological order, and you can view each one.  Fans will vote daily for the piece that they feel is most deserving to win.  The poll will be up for one week, and if you did not have the chance to enter, that is alright.  There will be another giveaway next month!


Entry #1 is an one-shot fan fiction by Zoe Doughty (doughtyzoe on Twitter) Please ignore the grammatical errors as I wanted to keep it original and untouched.

Grounders Vision by Zoe Doughty (Opens a new page)


Entry #2 is a fan video by Guesswho (guessWho on Twitter)


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKi8WvSqZFU[/embedyt]


Entry #3 is a postcard made by Denise (densuponatime on Twitter)



Entry #4 is a handmade cross-stitch pattern done by Monique.  (garfield4U8 on Twitter)



You can now vote!  Remember, you can only do it daily, and you cannot vote for your own.  If you missed this giveaway, do not fret, there will be a new one next month!

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Follow Grounders Source on Twitter @GroundersSource and on Facebook @GroundersSource.  You may also leave a comment below.



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