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The 100 Season Four: New Cast and Characters Revealed

by Evelyn Ulrich

In the anticipated upcoming season four of the survival series, The 100, there will be three new cast additions, and with that, three new characters.

Jana Mitsoula, (Elektra) will be playing the character of Willa.  As the writers and crew like to keep most things “iron-doored” about the show, (think Mt. Weather) there is is no information about Willa’s background, or where she descends, or what her relationship with the other characters will be.  Willa will be making her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, entitled, “Echoes.”

Joeseph John Coleman, (Supernatural, Legends of Tomorrow) will be Taggert, another character of which we know zip about.  Based on his name though, he may be a grounder, possibly a member of Azgeda (Ice Nation clan).  Taggert will be making his debut in 04×04, which its title has yet to be released.

Alex Pangburn (Midnight Sun), will be Hayes.  Again, a tightly wrapped background is on his person.  Like Taggert, Hayes will be showing up in the fourth episode.

So far for now, we have four new characters.  Chai Romruen, (Chai Romruen To Join The In Season Four) will be having a recurring role as Ilan, a grounder who will suffer ill effects after being under ALIE’s control.  By the way, Ilan means “Tree” in Hebrew.

I just cannot wait to see all the new characters, along with old favorites, and with that blood-boiling, heart-pounding trepidation.

The 100 will return in January 2017.

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