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Chai Romruen To Join The 100 In Season Four

by Evelyn Ulrich

We have some exciting casting news!  Chai Romruaen will be joining The 100 in season four!

Chai Romruen, who is an Australian actor that currently stars on Netflix’s Mako Mermaids, will be given a recurring role on The 100.  He will portray, Ilan, a Grounder who will feel the  excruciating aftermath of ALIE’s power.  Here is the official description of his character:

Chai Romruen, (Mako Mermaids) is set for a recurring role in the upcoming fourth season of the CW’s The 100. Romruen will play Ilan, a Grounder haunted by the horrors he committed while under Alie’s (Erica Cerra) control.

According to The 100 writers on Twitter, season four will be a focus of hope, as the past three seasons were based on tragedy, heartbreak, and how far to push the limits.  Hopefully, everyone will be safe, but that is too much to hope for.

Season four will air in early 2017.

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