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Eliza Taylor’s Fan Birthday Project

by Evelyn Ulrich

As you all know, Eliza Taylor’s (Clarke Griffin) 27th birthday is just around the corner.  At Grounders Source, I’d not only think of this as a news site but also trying to get the fandom involved as well.  This project will exemplify just that.

This is a very special project that you can be a part of!  Here is how:

  • You can submit any artwork, favorite photo, or clip of Eliza (it does not have to be from The 100) and/or write a personal message for her.
  • All submissions must be submitted through the Grounders Source email at grounderspodcast@gmail.com, or through a Twitter DM.
  • Bellarke, Clexa, or any other ship art is encouraged and acceptable.  However, it has to be tasteful, and no bashing other fans.  No shipping wars.
  • Submissions must be in on Sunday, October 23rd.  After that, I will start constructing a surprise piece with all of the entries!
  • You have to put your name on your piece, along with your social media handle.
  • Have fun and show your love and support for our favorite brave princess!
  • Please share this update on social media,  giving the link to Grounders Source, Facebook, and Twitter.  This way, more people can be involved.

 Here is last year’s birthday video.  The fans sent in their favorite things of Eliza, and I created a video.  Take a look:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9sXarOP6tg[/embedyt]

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I will respond promptly. ?

Follow Grounders Source on Twitter @GroundersSource and like on Facebook @GroundersSource.  You may also leave a comment below.

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