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The 100 Writing Contest Update

by Evelyn Ulrich

As you all probably know ( and for those who do not), The 100 Writing Contest is in its last week.  All entries must be in Saturday, November 21st.  The next day, the 22nd, a new contest will be in action.  I cannot say what it is just yet, but Grounders Source has teamed up with an event company (they initiated) to do just this.  It is very exciting, and very special because I don’t believe that any fan site has done something like this.  Well, I will get back to the new contest next week, but again Saturday is the deadline for the entries.  Here are the guidelines and rules for The 100 Writing Contest, in case you need some help.

Click the link below to access:

The 100 Writing Contest

Feel free to DM Grounders Source on Twitter if you have any additional questions!



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