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The 100 Writing Contest Top Five!

by Evelyn Ulrich

Thank you everyone who has entered the contest!  It was a hard decision selecting, and I had to shelf personal feelings and go by merit and true-ism.  Believe me, not a simple task! Placed winners will be selected by number of votes, and the appropriate prizes will be distributed soon after.  Sound good?  Okay then, let’s begin!  Good luck!


The 100 Writing Contest:  How Has The 100 Helped You?

Entry #1

Since the very first episode, the 100 has had a gigantic impact in the way I think and see the world. It has taught me that making a bad decision is not the end of the world and that there will always be someone willing to help me get out of my darkest places, sometimes I will find myself in difficult situations that I won’t be able to control but I must always do my best to get through them and I must put the well-being of the people that surrounds me first.

As if this wasn’t enough reason to believe this show is truly amazing, it has also showed me that I am not alone in this world and that my actions have consequences even if they don’t affect me directly, just like the bomb that didn’t affect the delinquents but cost the life of hundreds of grounders. Everyone must be respected and I am not the one to determine whether someone’s life is valuable or not, we are all humans and we all have the same rights and obligations. This show has taught me so much, and for that I am grateful.

Josefina Cuesta Núñez

Entry #2

How has The 100 helped you?

from Nadja Schwiening

 The 100 didn’t teach me to fear challenges live or people throw at you or to give up after the first try. Or the second one. It also didn’t teach me to back down after an argument when you think you’re right. It helped me to stand up for myself and voice what I have to say because I’m allowed to say what I think and that people should respect that.

The dynamic between the characters on  The 100 showed me a lot about how a family (chosen or related by blood) should be. Although you fight, you always have their backs, rather you’re angry with them or feel like they don’t understand me. One of the best examples are Bellamy and Octavia. They fight a lot, but always help the other when needed. And they always make up in the end. Just like Clarke and Octavia.

To sum it up, “The 100” taught me a lot about how people should interact and that you should always look positive into the future, because it’s worth fighting for.


Entry #3

Dear diary,

Today I’ve started watching a show. Another one among many others, you’d tell me. But this one’s different. It’s inspiring. The characters are inspiring. There’s this one called Octavia Blake. She’s such a badass girl, really amazing. I look up to her a lot actually. She’s always so brave, and someday I hope I’ll be as amazing and as great as her. I’m aware that I’m talking about a fictional character but it doesn’t matter. The show also represents people from the LGBT community, and the disabled ones. Even though I’m not lesbian or disabled, I know it’s gonna make them more confident about themselves and it’s also gonna let them know that they can be awesome despite their crutches or their wheelchair. Therefore it hasn’t just helped me, but also people who suffer from things much worse than anything I’m going through. It also helped me escaping from life for an hour or so, and I know that when I feel awful, I’ll just watch a few episodes and it would be enough to calm me down. I wish you were an actual person, diary, because I’d make you watch this show until your eyes started bleeding.
See you next time x
From Lucie Lassabe (@fuckyeahmurphy)
Entry #4

‘How Has The 100 Helped You?’

Where do I even begain. The 100 has helped me in so Many ways, and this show is every think I have ever believed in! In this show it dont matter if your female, or disabled it shows you can still be strong, it dont matter it your gay or bi, you can still rule and be one hell of an amazing leader and be loved and respected. It also teaches you that no discsion is ever gonna be easy, but in life you have to make hard discussion. But above all this this show shows you how important family is, that no matter what they will be their fighting for you, they will have your back and tell you how it is if you like it or not, and even if your with a bunch of strangers ( like in college or school ) if you work together you can do amazing things!

So this show has opened my eyes so much more and helped me to believe in all them things above so much more. At times this shows characters might hold onto hopeless hope, ( like when Clarke didn’t wanna kill all Mount Weather people and had hoped for another way ). But ent we all held onto a bit of hopeless hope before?….. I now see life in a different way because of this breathtakingly beautiful show, I love the little things in life more and enjoy every second of happiness I have and wanna spend more time with family and friends

This is more then just a show…… This is reality and truth put into a sci-fi fantasy adventure series with rememberable characters that make us laugh cry and cheer.

From Byllie Stanton

Entry #5

‘How has The 100 Helped You?’

It started with the book series by Kass Morgan, the show had been running already as I discovered them and they helped me getting comfortable to enjoy reading again – my safe place from reality. I got sucked in further, enjoying the show, which taught me that mistakes are bound to happen, but accepting them means strength – that I fought for something significant. All characters go through different kinds of emotional struggles I can relate to. So I can survive such struggles too, because strength is the key to survival of any kind of situation, and sometimes that is admitting to wrong-doings and/or defeat.

Much love,

There you go guys!  Voting ends Friday/Saturday at midnight!  You can only vote ONCE a day!  Good luck!

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