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Bobby Morley Raises Over $1800 For Beyond Blue Campaign

by Evelyn Ulrich

I am happy to announce that Bobby Morley raised over $1,800 (In U.S. Currency, approximately $2,500 in Australian) with his Represent.com T-Shirt campaign for Beyond Blue, a non-profit organization for mental illnesses and depression in Australia.  The total number of shirts sold was 783!  I am greatly proud of everyone who gave their support for a fantastic cause!  I myself have been making awareness for mental health for I have major depression with its ‘minions,’ and this is something that definitely to be spoken about.  It is not a shame, a fault, or an evil presence.  It does not make you a bad person.  Not at all.

Also, I have ordered an extra shirt to use as a future contest prize for the site.  Again, congratulations to Bobby on his successful campaign! XOXOXO

The 100 has such an AMAZING fan base, and I am very proud to be a part of it!


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