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New Gallery Updates

by Evelyn Ulrich

During the past week, I’ve been vigorously uploading photos to the photo gallery. I have added the following


  • Eliza Taylor for Regard and Bello Magazines.  They are two separate albums.
  • Marie Avgeropolous for Bello Magazine
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey for Fear the Walking Dead.
  • The 100 Social Media Promotion
  • Christopher Larkin for The Wrap.
  • A multitude of scans, including the Chicago Tribune daily newspaper.
  • HD Episode Promo stills for seasons one and two
  • Season three promo posters (one is fan made, permission granted to use)
  • Much more to come this week!

Please be aware that all of the photos and files in the gallery have the ‘Grounders Source’ rights, meaning that I have either paid for them, or I have gotten permission, or created.   Unless, I receive permissions to let me allow to use cast’s Twitter photos, they too will not be uploaded.  Also, due to the highest decree of respect, I do not and will not upload paparazzi photos.  So many sites do this, and personally, it is rude.

If you want your fan art displayed in the gallery, please send an email to grounderspodcast@gmail.com  with the subject, ‘Fan Art.’  I recommend putting a watermark on the art so that your hard work will not be claimed by anyone else.  Trust me, you’ll want to do this!

Finally, here are some of the several photos that I have recently added: Click on one, and it will take you to the gallery.

cover891 11

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