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The 100 Writing Contest Update

by Evelyn Ulrich

Hey ya’ll!

For all of the newcomers and followers, I am going to tell you about The 100 Writing Contest exclusively for Grounders Source.  This is unlike any other contest that we done before.  In fact, I am quite excited about it!  One being the fact that I love writing; I couldn’t live or breathe without writing.  Another, is to gain awareness for The 100 Charity Project.  How will this contest gain attention to such a special organization you ask?  Well, it is quite simple actually.  One are the prizes.  The winners can choose whether they want the actual, physical prize themselves, or they can have the host (me) either donate them to the Charity for auction prizes/Ebay items in the winners’ name, or donate the sticker price of the item(s) to the charity/theme of the month.  It could total about $100 or more for that month!  So, to keep a long story short, what it generally means that everyone will get something out of it.

How do I enter this amazing, awesome contest?

You can find everything that you will need to know here: The 100 Writing Contest

What are these prizes that we could win?

First prize is a The 100 S2 DVD set (out 10.13) second is The 100 book set by Kass Morgan (three books), third is the first book, and fourth and fifth is a The 100 poster that will measure 11×14.  The total cost will be about $110 for the items. Yet, the winners’ can pick whether they want the prize or donated to the Charity. You pay nothing for entering and the prizes.  I make a very good living and will be proud to put my efforts into this.  So, no worrying about anything financial.

What if I have a question about the contest? Who or where do I ask?

You can ask anything regarding the contest through the Grounders Source Twitter at twitter.com/grounderssource or my twitter at twitter.com/evelynulrich either openly or through direct message. I will answer promptly as my phone is literally attached to my hip.

I am not a great or even a good writer.  Will I be judged on my grammar or spelling?

Hey, nobody’s perfect, and we all have our own talent!  To answer your question, no, grammar and spelling will not be judged on.  Only the content and piecing of the essay will be.  However, all mistakes will be corrected when posted on the site.

So, break apart your soul as you go on an incredible writing journey!

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