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The 100 A Little Sacrifice Preview

by Evelyn Ulrich
A Little Sacrifice

The hiatus is now over and we are back with a brand new The 100 episode, A Little Sacrifice.  There will be some epic stuff going on in both Bardo and Sanctum.  Also, Sheidheda goes full blast and everyone is going to try to stop him.  Check out a few sneak peeks and the inside video for A Little Sacrifice!

The 100 A Little Sacrifice Sneak Peek One

Sheidheda, step away from Madi and her dog, please.


Sneak Peek Two

The gang finds out some very interesting info about the three newest Disciples.


Sneak Peek Three

Tensions arise in Sanctum as a spooky over-the-air broadcast takes place.


Inside A Little Sacrifice

See what Jason Rothenberg and writer Nikki Goldwasser share about the episode and why both societies are in danger.

Will you be checking out A Little Sacrifice tonight?   In case you missed it, check out the promo and stills from the episode!

The 100 airs Wednesdays

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