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The 100 The Flock Press Release

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 The Flock

The press release for The 100 The Flock has been released!  See what it entails below!

The 100 The Flock Press Release


This release is very vague in terms of spoilers, but I am going on a whim here and conclude that Indra and Murphy are trying to stop the powers of Sheidheda and the prisoners so they do not take over Sanctum.

As far as “old friends make new allegiances” go, that is a broad statement.  This could indicate the Anomaly Kru joining forces with Bardo, or Clarke and her kru joining forces in Bardo (assuming that they made it there) to get back their friends.  Either one or possibly another group that we haven’t been introduced to yet is plausible.

What do you think about what will happen in The Flock?

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