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The 100 The Blood Of Sanctum Preview

The 100 The Blood Of Sanctum

Tonight is The 100 season 6 finale, The Blood Of Sanctum.  The Primes will have their fall after taking Spacekru hostage to space. Clarke herself is placed in a dangerous position as she grieves for her mother. See a sneak peek and a behind-the-scenes video of the finale!

The 100 The Blood Of Sanctum Sneak Peek One


I hope that Raven will kill the Flame and save Madi.  That poor child has suffered enough already.

Sneak Peek Two


Maybe being held in a room with an angry mob just outside isn’t the brightest of ideas, but I think it’s all part of the elaborative plan.

Sneak Peek Three


The Primes don’t know that Josie is actually Clarke.  Whoops!

Inside The 100 The Blood Of Sanctum 


Will Clarke be once again separated from her people once again?  Who will live and who will not?

Watch The 100 The Blood Of Sanctum tonight!

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