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The 100 Nevermind Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

The 100 Nevermind proven to be yet another exciting and tight episode for season 6.  Clarke fights against her greatest enemy yet, while facing the memories that forever shaped her.  We saw old faces, visited old places, and witnessed life before the apocalypse.  Let’s visit the review for Nevermind!

The 100 Nevermind Recap-Review

Not Just A Memory”

Episode 607

Aired June 18, 2019

My mindspace is not your mindspace!  The 100 Nevermind was yet another thrilling and mind-battling (pun intended) chapter of season 6.  Scripted by series veteran Kim Shumway, the episode drove deep into the sub consciences of Clarke and Josephine and it’s the battle of the brain and body.

There were plenty of trips down Memory Lane as well, an awakening for one of my favorite people, and a reappearance of another!

Let’s get into the mind, shall we?

A Prelude

I am still mesmerized by the structure and conception of Nevermind.  Despite the piece being designed as a “bottle” episode, it offered much more than the fill-up.  There were arcs and dynamics of characters and narratives that I absolutely loved, and some were the connecting pieces of an advanced puzzle.

The 100 Nevermind

Clarke Griffin is forever a fighter, whether it’d be for her people and now, for herself, this fire about her will never be extinguished.  Her very soul is the definition of life and survival; Nevermind made it clearer and more concise.

And you know, I love that about Clarke. Never giving up; self-sacrificial and brutally honest.

Clarke finally comes face-to-face with her body and mind thief, Josephine.  If you thought Josephine was the epitome of sweetness and innocence when she was first introduced in Red Sun Rising, you wouldn’t think so now.

Josephine is the essence of evil and spoiled as she nearly gets what she wants.  This time, she wants Clarke’s body so she can live forever.  But that is no secret.

The 100 Nevermind

Whilst Eliza Taylor did another spectacular performance, Sarah Thompson’s talent certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. She gives the term “villain” a whole new level to appreciate.  And when you develop an appreciation towards villains that are meant to harm and cause rupture to the whole storytelling orb, then the writers are doing a good job of delivering their purpose, as well as the performer breathing life into their role.

Smiles Behind The Sketches

In the opening sequence, our favorite blonde is back in her season one “skybox” cell, surrounded by her drawings.  It’s her version of the Afterlife; it’s haunting and peaceful at the same time.

Clarke’s wall murals were a vault of her memories, how each sketch played a significant role in her life, and how they correspond throughout the hour.  The most detailed drawings were of Finn and Lexa as they were Clarke’s first loves, and their deaths deeply terrified her.

The 100 Nevermind

It wasn’t a coincidence when Lexa’s throne was placed in the forest where Finn passed on; it was set up to illuminate Clarke’s repressions, not wanting to face them as the scars that were left may break open.

Yet, here they are: Right in front of her, threatening her to breakdown and exploit her guilt for allowing her loves

Josephine forced Clarke to face these memories because she was clearing avoiding them.  They’re a manifestation of Clarke’s guilt as she felt responsible for their deaths.   As well as the countless others that she has caused over the course of their leadership.

The 100 Nevermind


Josephine knows how to strike a sensitive chord within Clarke, using it to her advantage to break her down and give up the fight so that her people can live.  That Bellamy, Madi, Abby, and all the others that she loves can live peacefully.

After all, if her death is her representation of “do better” then maybe she has done her duty to keep everyone pretty much alive.

It’s now her time to relax and rest.  She deserves it but we all know that she will not gift herself because she prides others first before herself.

Clarke lastly makes the absolution of accepting her death after seeing the vision of Bellamy agreeing with Russell to build their own compound.   Bellamy was shattered when he discovered that his friend has gone to the other side, but he must be an example for Clarke and the others because he knows that that is what she would’ve wanted.

The 100 Nevermind

And there is no doubt that Bellamy will respect Clarke’s wishes and be the leader that she views him in her eyes.  She always admired him for his heart, even though it skipped a few beats.  Clarke always had his back because, without him, the group would deteriorate and not survive.

Clarke accepting her fate, whether under her consent or not (Josephine is a great manipulator, I’ll give her that) is a blow because although she knows that her people will be safe, she gave up her fight.

It’s still pretty much aching to contemplate.

A Blast from the Past

One of the very emotive strings of Nevermind was the reunion of beloved characters.  Characters that we thought that we would never encounter again, but they presented a strong existence.  In fact, their existences were so compelling that the results were lasting momentums.

Clarke’s father, Jake was the first of the Unforgotten to appear.  He is the voice of guidance and reason for his daughter-who takes his advice to see make her way through her obstacle.

The 100 Nevermind

When you need your dad the most, he’ll be there for you.  And that is exactly the purpose of Jake.  It made me tear up that Clarke had this moment with him because she was just so overjoyed to see him again.

Next up, we have ALIE.  She shares why Clarke is still alive, albeit barely and it’s a cool scientific reason.  Abby and Raven killed ALIE–who was rotting away their brains-by using an EMP.  The EMP deleted all remnants of ALIE, including the neural mesh.

That mesh is what’s keeping Clarke alive, and now she must protect it so that Josephine doesn’t discover it.  It’s one memory she certainly can’t have.

The 100 Nevermind

Unfortunately, Clarke allowed her to have it as she did accept her death.

Sigh. Oh, Clarke.  Please don’t disappoint us!

Going on, we are set once again in Mt. Weather.  Clarke meets up with a radiated disfigured Maya who is the projection of her sins, that people died whilst she was in control.  Maya was not part of “her people” and because of this, she died along with hundreds of other Mt.  Weather innocents.

The 100 Nevermind

Jasper’s downfall was Maya’s unnecessary death—which Maya brings up as Clarke’s fault.  Theoretically, she is correct.  Jasper’s death was the heartbreaking conclusion of losing Maya, thus losing one of two joyous treasures in his life.  His friendship with Monty was not enough to move on and his story of a mentally crippling PTSD victim held suit.

As Clarke said though “it was his choice”.  Jasper decided to end his life.   Yet, that doesn’t eliminate what he had gone through because mentally ill people DON’T decide on whether to suffer from illnesses.  Many suicide victims wouldn’t want the choice of ending their lives, but because they’re so lost in their illness, it’s the only refuge and chance to be free.

Is Clarke responsible for Jasper’s fate?  Well, had they saved Maya, then Jasper would have been saved.  The 100 itself would’ve taken on a whole new narrative.

We are not fully responsible for others’ fates, but we try our best to advise and guide them as it’s humane.  However, we wish that we could’ve done more if their fate concludes in doom.  Then, the overwhelming guilt consumes.

The 100 Nevermind

I believe that Clarke couldn’t face the partial guilt of Jasper, just like she couldn’t face the stark symbolism of Lexa’s throne and Finn’s pole with the bloody knife.  It’s the reason why his goggles were in the locked chest alone with her father’s tablet because she buried the guilt deep inside.   Facing it may have caused a breakdown or defense lack; along with herself to cascade may mean unsafe territory for her people.

No wonder that Clarke suffered through with so much.  She didn’t want to allow her feeling to allot on the others.

As to stop Josephine or at least attempt to, Clarke brings Maya to the cave.  Josephine follows and is slapped on with the shock collar.  She is graphically electrocuted, but the method doesn’t work as Clarke can’t kill her.

But there is no failure in trying.  Clarke will find a way to survive.  She always does.

Blodreina vs. Wanheda

The altercation between the two women was probably one of my favorite scenes in Nevermind.  It’s hardly never that we get some screen time with both Clarke and Octavia, so it was a surprise.  It was even better when the two faced off about why Clarke allowed near death for Octavia if it accounted for Bellamy’s safety.

The bomb in TonDC, the closing of the bunker door after the Conclave, and Bellamy’s death sentence in the pit.  These issues are indeed on Clarke, Octavia held a hatred (I can’t say I blame her.) towards her, only tolerated her because of her brother and their relationship.  Had there be no Bellamy, then either woman wouldn’t give a damn about the other.

The 100 Nevermind

Which is a sad outlook because they’re great together on screen.  In comparison, Clarke and Octavia are reflections.  While Clarke’s transgressions manifested to not caring about herself so that she can try even harder to save others, Octavia’s booted into more bloodthirsty demise.  They sacrificed their emotions so that people can live, only being drowned in them.

Bellamy was not at all present in the pit sequence because it turns out, he hasn’t forgiven Clarke at all for what she had done.  Octavia makes this perfectly clear.

So, that tearful hug and talk we got a few eps ago was just a ruse to make Clarke feel better?  How inane!

From Octavia’s standpoint, Bellamy views Clarke as an abandoning monster, too afraid to surface her feelings towards him.  She is mostly afraid that he may reject her or revoke his claims.

If this subconscious projection is true, then Clarke must step it up to the plate and make her confessions to Bellamy if she wants to move past this burden.

The subconscious tells us material that we must work on so we can do better within ourselves.  Sometimes, it presents us with stuff that we do not want to face, but must in order to be relieved, to do better.

And speaking of doing better…

Monty Christmas!

Who else squealed with perpetual joy when Monty Green emerges as Clarke Griffin’s angel?  That Christopher Larkin made time in his busy schedule just so he can be the positive force that Clarke needs?  I mean, what a way to bring back an icon!

The 100 Nevermind

Murphy was wrong about Monty approving the Primes’ way of immortal life.  Monty would never agree to this.  Ever.

Sorry Murphy, but you can be such a tool.

Monty entered in with a specific purpose: to offer light and to assist Clarke with getting her body back.  Josephine will be a difficult one to defeat as she is sociopathic and just plain cray.

Yes, I said it.  Josephine is cray.

Together, the savior and heroine enter in Josephine’s mindspace, where they discover a very organized library.  The books are a 230-year history and memories of hosts, all sacrificed so that Josephine can have immortality.

More importantly (for the present narrative) they discovered what broke Joseph0ine and caused her monstrosity.  Enter in a diner around Christmas 2043, just before Dooms Day.  Customers are enjoying their time, not too concerned about the bomb sirens.  We got a few press covers of Diyoza and Becca; the juxtaposition of the two is astounding.  Diyoza fought for control whilst she was a terrorist and Becca created a new form of it.  One gain notoriety, the other gained fame.

The 100 Nevermind

It puts the two women from a different perspective.

Clarke and Monty see a college-aged Josephine having a study session with her friend.  Unexpectedly, an ex-boyfriend, Dave makes a seat at their table and calls out Josephine’s incredibility and unfaithfulness.  She is of course, distraught, as she tries to get her word in.

Then, it happens.  Dave takes the plunge and shoots himself.  The experience breaks and traumatizes Josephine, thus making her want to go with her parents.  It’s also a major portion of her wicked persona.

The 100 Nevermind

Clarke will use this evidence to her advantage as it’s the only outlet now to save herself.

._ ._ .. .. _ … ..


Can we please talk about how Bellamy cracked Clarke’s Morse code?  The code that spelled out “ALIVE” by flickering Christmas lights and tapping on the arm?  That entire scene was the pure significance of their love and their relationship.  It comes to show just how quickly Bellamy switches to “heart mode” when it comes to Clarke’s protection and welfare.  He knows Clarke too well, better than she knows herself, so it was only natural to spot the uncharacteristic trait of Josephine firsthand, while it was oblivious to Russell.

The 100 Nevermind

Bellamy accepted the compound deal as Clarke would want him too, to take over in the event if something happened to Clarke.

But now, Bellamy has a new fight, another war formulating within him.  That much is clear when he told Miller that Clarke is alive and he’ll do what it takes to bring her back.

Just another heroic move for Bellamy Blake; another heart melt for us. 💗

The 100 Nevermind

Bonus Bullets:

  • The diner reminded me of social life in the 50s and 60s where nuclear war was feared, but people lived their lives. It’s a rather spooky and surreal paradox when you think about it.  (And, no.  I am not that old.)
  • Monty! ALIE!  Maya!  Jake!  The writers certainly know to reintroduce dead characters and use their best traits to fit the context.  Also, I cried.
  • The act of old Josephine and Kaylee, how Isaac was killed, and the baby left out to die, only to be rescued by Gabriel would’ve have done better in a later episode. It seemed out of place with the overall theme with
  • I’m curious why other important people were not at the meeting. They all loved Clarke and it would’ve been interesting to see their responses.
  • Josephine, sweetie, you cannot kill Clarke.
  • I loved all of Clarke’s season looks throughout. I never thought I see her hair braided again.
  • The apple blossoms that backdropped Monty just emphasized his moral compass.
  • 0102 was the combination.  The 100 plus Bellamy and Raven.
  • I would take on the challenge of reading all of those texts.

The 100 Nevermind

What did you think of Nevermind?  Did the set bring back memories for you?  Did Bellamy’s “light eyes” and determination give you chills and feels?  How about Monty appearing as an angel?

Next time on The 100The Old Man and the Anomaly

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