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Grounders Source New Banner Contest

by Evelyn Ulrich

Grounders Source has been and will always be open to fans, and because of that, we will always be grateful.  In appreciation, we are holding a contest in which fans can design the new official banner art that will be stretched far and wide and not will it only be used for the website, but our social media channels, art, and promotional material.  If this piques your interest, continue reading!

In celebration for our gratitude from the fans, Grounders Source is hosting its first ever redesign contest!  Fans who love to graphic design or are in the field are invited to create the new banner, which will be used as the official art for Grounders Source.  Not only that, but they will also get a The 100 season 6 mini-poster, and the chance to be one of the artists for the outlet.  The second place winner will receive a mini-poster.  We are very excited about this event and see what the fandom creates.  Now, here are the rules and guidelines!


  • The contest is open to anyone living internationally who enjoys doing graphic artistry and of course, The 100.
  • One entry per entrant.
  • All entrants must be over 18 years of age.  This is because of strict online laws and regulation in the US when it comes to promotion.
  • All entrants must be following Grounders Source on Twitter.
  • The banner must be made in high resolution (300 PX) and have a size of 1500 PX by 500 PX.  The logo must be square with a size of 600×600 PX.
  • The art must be relevant to the show, and any character, living or dead can be used.  The coloring can be of any shade, but earth tones are preferred, due to The 100‘s theme.  Also, it must be ship neutral.
  • The brand name, which is “Grounders Source” and its slogan, “The #1 Source For The 100” must be present on the banner.
  • The font used is Electrobyte, in which Grounders Source has secured exclusive usage.  This font must be used and it can be downloaded for free here: Electrobyte Font
  • There will be absolutely no toxic material in the pieces.  If violated, it is an automatic dismissal.
  • The giveaway begins Thursday, April 25th. and will end May 16th.
  • Announcement of the winner will be made on Twitter.
  • Please email your entries as an attachment to the email, grounderssource84@gmail.com with “Banner Contest” in the subject field, your name, age, country, and Twitter handle.

Grounders Source


  • Be aware that entrants’ social media (Twitter) will be randomly scanned for anything that is considered harmful to the cast, crew, writers, the creator, and the fandom.  Grounders Source has a strict “Respect All, Harm None” policy and abides by it faithfully.  If any material is found, then it’s an automatic dismissal.
  •  Once the winning piece is chosen, it will automatically become the sole property of Grounders Source.  It will be used for promotional purposes, and most likely, merchandise as that falls under promotional criteria.  However, the credit will be given to the artist.
  •  The art will be used for the website, social media channels, and any other material.
  • There will be a strong possibility that the top four chosen will be shared on our social media channels to gain fans’ interest.
  • The winner will also have the option of being an artist for Grounders Source.  Negotiations will take place after the contest.
  • Judging will be based on the following four categories: Creativity, relevance, attention-grabbing, and feel.
  • The art will be up through season 6 until the debut of season 7.

Have fun and good luck!  Any questions should be asked through a direct message on Twitter.

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