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The 100 Damocles Part Two Sneak Peeks and Inside The Episode

The 100 Damocles Part Two

Tonight is The 100 season five finale, Damocles Part Two!  With war looming in the Valley, Clarke sends Madi off as Commander to help win.  However, there will also be intense moments among the heroes and enemies, so peace may not be within reach.  The hope is though, is survival and stopping the evils.  Here are three sneak peeks from The 100 Damocles Part Two, and Inside the Video, followed by a preview.

The 100 Damocles Part Two Sneak Peek One


Sneak Peek Two


Sneak Peek Three


Inside The Episode



Brief Preview:

The 100 season finale will be a very heartbreaking one.  There will be characters not only fighting for land but their own morals.  Bellamy especially will take charge, while Clarke will take some matters in her own Wanheda hands.

And that big ending that we’ve been told about.

The 100 Damocles Part Two will air tonight on the CW.

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