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The 100 The Dark Year Official Synopsis

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 The Dark Year

Last week, The CW launched the official episode synopsis for The 100 The Dark Year.  This will also be the episode that will be shown Wednesday night at Comic-Con this week.  This will be a flashback piece, an element in which The 100 is known for to further understand their narratives.  See the passage below of what The Dark Year will entail.

The 100 The Dark Year Official Synopsis (Episode 12)


We will finally see what was “shut off” during The Dark Year.  Does anyone want to take any guesses of what happened?  It must have been pretty bad if everyone is still traumatized by it.  Additionally to the bunker flashback, we will also need a Spacekru flashback.  I feel like there are so many tiny gaps that need to be discussed and understood.  Hopefully, this will be done and we have more insight on Bellamy and his Kru.

You can also see The Dark Year photos in the Grounders Source gallery in both MQ and HQ formats.

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