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The 100 How We Get To Peace Official Trailer And Promo Stills

The 100 How We Get To Peace

The new trailer for The 100 How We Get To Peace, airing this Tuesday looks completely savage.  Bellamy and Clarke, along with the rest of Space and Bunker Kru will finally arrive at Shadow Valley.  The trailer itself probably gave too much away in terms of spoilers, but it’s still pretty bad-ass.  The stills offer even more suspenseful action and emit lots of emotions.  See both the trailer and the photos by continuing on.

The 100 How We Get To Peace Official Trailer

The 100 How We Get To Peace Promo Stills

Access the entire album


Access the entire album

After How We Get To Peace, there will be yet another two-week break.  The 100 Sic Semper Tyrannis will air July 10th at 7 PM, an hour earlier.  Then episodes will be followed back-to-back.

But what are your reactions towards the trailer and photos?  Are you excited for another energized installment?

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