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The Top 5 OMGs From The 100 Eden

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Eden

The 100 Eden was the sensational season 5 premiere that aired last Tuesday.  After an 11 month-long hiatus, our people illuminated the small screen with their heroism efforts and the virtue of right or wrong.  Along with the characters in not-so-easy situations, there were also some goose-bumping moments.  What are they?  Well, continue to see what was chosen for the Top 5 OMGs from Eden!

The Top 5 OMGs from The 100 Eden


5.  Charmaine’s Coup

In Eden, we have been introduced to Charmaine Diyoza, the malicious-and female leader of the Eligius prisoner kru.  This is a lady that no one should dare to cross paths with, even her own.  Yes, Charmaine will be in strong conflict with both the Space kru and Bunker kru factions and everyone will have a hell of time in the battle for Eden.  Though Eden projected her as maybe not-so-dangerous and hardened, this was just a ruse to fundamentally build her character and dynamic.   Yes people, she is truly frightening!  The 100 is known for creating villains that are dimensional and complex.  And Charmaine fits right in with that group.  There will be imperative connections between Charmaine, Clarke, and Octavia in further episodes, so she is not all that bad.   Or is she?   We just cannot wait to see more of her!

The 100 Eden

4.  Memori Is No More

Sad to say that Murphy and Emori (Memori) are no longer an item.  From a very intimate and committed relationship (one of the best in my opinion) to practically being at each others’ throats.  I think that it was Murphy’s choice to withdraw from the group and not providing the attention Emori desired that ruined a good thing.  Yet, it could be something larger that anticipated it.  I am hoping that things could be reconciled, and that they’ll be back together.  One can dream.  Also, I loved Memori because it had such a positive and meaningful disability representation.  Murphy accepted and loved Emori for who she was, not what she was born with.  In the medium of media, you rarely get a relationship where the disabled are treated like an equal, and not for pity.  I found this to be halfway true in reality as well.

The 100 Eden


3.  Clarke’s Near Casualty

After fighting through a post-Praimfaya world, believing that she has lost everything, and have had it, Clarke does the unfathomable: a suicide attempt.  But it only last a half-minute as she spots the bird swooping above her and is probably the last flicker of hope.  What would have Clarke done if it was not for that bird?  Is Clarke the kind of person that would end it all?  No.  Clarke may have had a moment-we all do at some point, but her will of life and strength overpowered the depression.  If there is someone on The 100 who does not give up, it’s Clarke Griffin.  This is a lesson that no matter how dark or down trodden things are, there is always that sliver of hope, that voice that tells one not to give up.  If only we should listen more to it…

The 100 Eden


2.  A Promising Paradise

Eden truly exists.  When Clarke found the only livable piece of land, she was renewed and refreshed with a new purpose.  With plenty of food and water, there was enough for everyone when they reunited.  But not all in paradise is divine and heavenly.  With an ironic twist, Clarke discovers the dead in the church vestibule.  This sequence alone signifies just how precious life is, and that it could end without a fight.  Pretty damn depressing.  On a lighter fare, Clarke did take that much-needed bath, a symbol of starting anew.   Also, did anyone else get The Land Before Time nostalgia?  Or was it just me?

The 100 Eden


1.  The Child From Hell

Clarke’s very first impression of the found Nightblood child, Madi was as described as “the child from hell.”  The little one was afraid, and probably had no human contact for a long time.  So, of course Madi was afraid and unsure of Clarke.  To try to show the ambitious kid that she was harmless and not a threat, Clarke sketches Madi’s portrait and the gesture works.  Since then, a wonderful mother/daughter bond developed and already Clarke has taken on the role of Mama.  If Eden provided us with how protective and loving Clarke is of Madi, then you can bet that the relationship will only blossom as the season unfolds.  Just wait until the others see what has happened.  They’ll be quite surprised!

The 100 Eden

Bonus OMG One

Did you think that I was done?  Nein!  Since this was the season five premiere, I am going to add an extra OMG.  I knew that Bellamy will wind up with Echo since their Mt. Weather days.  How did I know this?  That I do not know, but I believe that this relationship is one of forgiveness and renewal.  Yes, Echo did indirectly killed Gina, and tried to kill Octavia-but like Skaikru, Echo was only trying to save her people.  It took something in Bellamy (and he looks happy) to finally forgive her wrongdoings, and he probably wanted to erase the trauma on the ground.  For Echo, being in a loving relationship made her a gentler, more faceted character.  Everyone deserves a chance of being forgiven-if they are remorseful and want to better themselves.  There is no doubt that there will be challenges with these two, especially with Octavia.  In her eyes, Echo is still the enemy.

For the Bellarke fandom, this is a hard pill to swallow, but there will be some good moments between Bellamy and Clarke.  You just need to be patient-and excited at the same time.

The 100 Eden

Bonus OMG Two

I ain’t finished just yet!  I have chosen just one more OMG because it drives directly in the next episode, Red Queen!  Although it was only a glimpse, Octavia has grown accustomed to her new role of Commander.  She is a scary sight, with a red band of paint across her forehead and her stony presence on the throne.  By judging her overall appearance and body language, Octavia is probably going to be a person that you do not want to get in the way of.  However, it is still too early to tell of whether or not that she will keep this up.  Part of her ( a major part) is in deep grief over losing her lovers, the trauma that she had to deal with being habited under the floor on the ARK, and everything else in between.  It is unfortunate that Octavia had chosen to release her anger and despondency in a violent outlet.  Hopefully, she could redeemed and allow herself to heal.  When her brother finds out, he won’t be thrilled about her new persona.


The 100 Eden

That rounds up the Top 5 OMGs for Eden!  Come back to see the ones for Red Queen, which airs tomorrow night!  Please feel free to use my gifs, no credit needed.

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