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Con-Geda Adds Another Guest To Lineup, Along With Workshop

by Evelyn Ulrich

Con-Geda is going to be a The 100 convention that fans certainly don’t want to miss out on.  Yesterday, End of the World Events announced their final regular guest to the star line-up, and most recently, they’ve set up a workshop with two of the show’s producers so that participants can get a “hands-on” experience about the screenwriting process.  Along with dining with the guests, panels, and more fun activities that will complete the weekend.

Starting off, Chelsey Reist (Harper McIntyre) is the last regular guest to be added to the impressive line-up.  Chelsey brings charisma and illumination to the conventions, and fans always enjoy her.  Like Richard, Lindsey, and Eli, she will be a red guest.  She will be joining the party all weekend long and is looking forward to hanging out with everyone.  The other confirmed guests are Sachin Sahel and Nadia Hilker.


Chelsey’s extras such as autos and her lunch table are currently on sale at the End of the World Events site.  Her photo ops will be available soon.

Next up is an exciting opportunity for aspiring screenwriters.  Executive producers Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntyre, who wrote the mesmerizing episodes, Rubicon (season two), and Die All, Die Merrily (season four), will be constructing a writer’s workshop for those who’d like to learn the craft of screenwriting.  From arcing characters, formulating storylines, and setting a mental visualization, there will be something for everyone.  Tickets for this convention first will go on sale Friday, March 16th. Spots will be limited, so be sure to grab one quickly.


The team behind the convention is working hard to deliver an exciting The 100 event that fans will surely enjoy and remember.  The guest list keeps on growing, and more guests could be added if the ticket revenue increases.  

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