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The We Are Grounders 3 Giveaway

by Evelyn Ulrich
We Are Grounders

Grounders Source and Royal Events, the company that hosts the annual The 100 We Are Grounders convention in Toulouse, France has geared up to bring you a giveaway to win a fun prize for the third We Are Grounders event.  You can see the guidelines and rules in the poster below.  

Grounders Source is proud to be partnering up with the French event company, Royal Events to present a unique opportunity in which fans can win a special discounted pass for the We Are Grounders 3 convention, taking place February 16th-18th in Toulouse, France at the 4-star Palladia Hotel.  Confirmed guests are Eliza Taylor, Tasya Teles, Nadia Hilker, and Zach McGowan.  Now that the event has been more defined, let’s get on to the giveaway.

Please read the giveaway information included on the poster.  You may not alter or manipulate anything in the poster to benefit you.  It has to be fair and open to everyone.

We Are Grounders 3

Bear in mind that the contest ends tonight at 11 PM CST.  Grounders Source will be announcing the winner on Twitter with a special code that can be used as a discount during pass checkout.

Good luck!

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