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The Patreon Giveaway: Win A Raven Reyes Funko Pop

by Evelyn Ulrich

Grounders Source is doing a giveaway through their Patreon where you can win a The 100 Raven Reyes Funko Pop! figure!  This will be available through Patrons who’ll pledge $1.  Please see the rules below for more details and how to enter.

Raven Reyes Funko Pop
Via the Grounders Source Patreon
Two lucky Patron winners will win a Funko Pop! figure of The 100s Raven Reyes!
For this Patron exclusive international giveaway, the rules are quite simple.
  • Pledge $1 to the Grounders Source Patreon (All pledges will fund the site)
  • Follow Grounders Source on Twitter as we will announce the winners on there.
  • Pledging more is greatly appreciated, but it will not increase chances. We are a very equal and fair media company and everyone must have the same opportunity. 
  • The giveaway will end February 27th.
  • If you are a die-hard The fan, Raven Reyes, or a Lindsey Morgan fan, this will be a great addition!
  • If you cannot take part in the giveaway, please share it to gain awareness.  Also, there is still the 10K followers‘ giveaway still happening on Twitter.
  • Please see the official Patreon post link following the season 5 promo in this post.
If you would like to contribute prizes for future giveaways (Autographs, merch, fan art pieces, etc.), please contact us!
The post will be open to non-patrons in three days from today.  Good luck, and thank you for the love and support!
The 100 Season 5


Win A Raven Reyes Pop! Figure From Funko | Grounders Source on Patreon

Official Post from Grounders Source: Two lucky Patron winners will win a Funko Pop!

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