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Unity Days 2018 Finale Wrap-Up

by Evelyn Ulrich
Unity Days

The ever-popular The 100 convention, Unity Days, held January 19th-21st (second and final (?) one) held in Vancouver, BC was an absolute success.  Fans from all the pinpoints of  the globe attended the event to hang out with fifteen The 100 stars, explore the unique on-set props, engage in panels, and hopefully gain spoilers for the upcoming season 5.  There was also the Cancer Gets Lost silent auction  (second year) Friday evening prior the guests’ festivities.  The tables were filled with beautiful fan art, cast donated items, and official merchandise from The 100.  The auction itself raised close to an astounding $11,000 ($10,854 USD) for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in honor of the Cancer Gets Lost founder, Jo Garfein’s mother-in-law who passed away one month ago from stage-four pancreatic cancer after a courageous battle.


Saturday, January 20th

Bob Morley, Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, and Nadia Hilker were the guests of honor, along with the bonus guests-Luisa d’Oliveira, Jessica Harmon, Jarod Joseph, Chelsey Reist, and “pop-up” surprises Richard Harmon and Tati Gabrielle.  They divulged of what is to come in season 5, which will be the most “craziest” season yet.  Clarke will undergo fierce new changes, Bellamy will learn how to cope without Clarke (for a while), Raven continues to be a strong bad-ass, and there will be new twists and turns!

A few in particular for season five:

  • Season 5 Bellamy will be very honest and his best version thus far in the series
  • Emori will sport a new costume and have a complete heart for her fellow Space peeps
  • Niylah will have a darker persona in lieu of her loving and innocent one.
  • Murphy will be kinder, and sweeter, but still throwing the classic one-liners
  • Octavia may not like being a Commander and will find a dark path to correspond with the new role
  • Luna is now in Hell.  Ouch.
  • Memori is now “Memory”
  • According to Sachin, season five will shift back and forth from dark to light, thus a “lunar eclipse” effect.
  • Bellamy will have a hard time swallowing the woman Octavia has become when they reunite.
  • Season five’s theme will be “Unity.”  Hamm, sounds very appropriate.
  • Harper will be more determined and blonder.  Which begs the question, if there is very little sunlight on the ARK, how can this be?
  • Echo will have a hard time “relaxing” on the ARK as she is very regal and rigid.  Additionally, Echo will have lots of sass.
  • Monty may or may not have a hand problem
  • Raven will be more skillful
  • Monty will be beardless, unlike the rest of the male cast.
  • Octavia has been trying to contact her brother but fails consistently.
  • Gaia and Octavia will work and iron their issues out.
  • Echo and O’s relationship will get worse before it gets better.  May I remind you that E nearly killed O?
  • New relationships will be formed on and off the ground.
  • Helios probably perished in Praimfaya.


Sunday, January 21st

On Sunday, the second half of the more formal guests arrived- Tasya Teles, Zach McGowan, Sachin Sahel, and the con rarity, Marie Avgeropoulos.  Marie was a treat at Unity Days as she hardly does cons, and fans (myself included) were more than excited to meet her and get the perks.  She was a light to be with and was grateful.  The cast all weekend were very connecting with the fandom, expressing their love and sincerity, and making absolutely sure that they were taken care of.


Prop Perfection

I especially enjoyed the on set prop display at UD as I got to examine all of the cool things that were used on the show.  I even very lightly touched Lexa’s Heda costume just to feel the spirit.  There were also the different knives, swords, and guns the cast used to survive.  Though, you do have to realize that CGI created the effect of injury because if that were real, well, that won’t be good.  I have taken some photos of the props so you can take a look at them.


Personal Observation

The weekend was stress-free and quite relaxing.  Except for a tech issue with the photos, it was very memorable.   Also, having dogs and young children roam around just made the whole weekend that much more comfortable, and was a hidden blessing for me as I missed my own little Be-Bee.   As a matter of fact, the cast dogs’ ease and diminish anxiety on and off the set  My perspective on The 100 cast is that they’re a bunch of lively, loving, and fun people to be with.  They obviously care for one another and share the love. (and dogs)  Fans also formed new friendships because they all shared the same event, and share their incredible passion for the show.


Final Note

When I left Vancouver early Monday, I was nearly dead from excitement and exhaustion, but it was well worth it.  The whole weekend illuminated positivity, love, and kindness and it was a wonderful thing to share with others.  Because it was such a success, there may even be a third Unity Days in 2019.   At least, Sachin wants it.   Yet, we’ll just wait and see.

And if you did not happen to attend Unity Days, I have something special coming for you in a few days!  I cannot tell you what, but you’ll love it!

Hopefully, this will feed us until the season 5 premiere April 24th.

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