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The 100 Season 5 05×09 And 05×10 Titles

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Season 5

As to add to the marvelous screen captures we have gotten over the past three days, the titles for The 100 season 5 episodes 05×09 and 05×10 have been officially released by Warner Brothers.  Remember the fifth season will have a block of thirteen episodes, so there will be three more left to title.  You can see the names of nine and ten below.

Episode 05×09 Title:  

Sic Semper Tyrannis

The meaning of the name:

Thus Always To Tyrants (Commonly used in the Civil War era)

Episode 05×10 Title:

The Last

Here are the titles of The 100 Season 5 episodes thus far:

05×01 Eden

05×02 Red Queen

05×03 Sleeping Giants

05×04 Pandora’s Box

05×05 Shifting Sands

05×06 Exit Wounds

05×07 Acceptable Losses

05×08 Secret Weapon

05×09 Sic Semper Tyrannis

05×10 The Last

05×11 TBA

05×12 TBA

05×13 TBA

The 100 season 5 will air Spring 2018 on the CW.

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