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First Look Of Clarke In The 100 Season 5

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Season 5

Some very exciting news about The 100 season 5 discreetly bubbled up on social media today, and it had the fandom raving!  Any news about The 100 pretty much explodes the fandom as we simply cannot get enough-both literally and figuratively.  I am not going to elaborate why this is, but on we go.

Creator Jason Rothenberg tweeted this new screenshot of Clarke Griffin from the yet-to-be-released The 100 season 5 trailer.

Jason Rothenberg on Twitter


Can you just not feel the epicness that will be season five?  As a long time viewer, this gets my blood flowing on so many levels.  Not to mention, just the way the screenshot was taken and the title underneath just makes it that more real.

Let’s take a look at it up close:

The 100 Season 5

Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) looks efficiently bad-ass as ever, and you don’t want to mess with her, but who is she protecting behind on her left?  ? After critical observation and analysis, it’s a person that is blurred out and we cannot identify them.  Ooh, the suspense that we all know and love!  Maybe it’s Madi, and Clarke is being the strong and protective mother, an instinctive gift that she got from her own mother, Abby.  Or perhaps, it’s Bellamy, who holds Clarke’s heart in a special way.  Or is it Lexa, who will always be with Clarke as promised in the spiritual sense?

And, does she have tears in her eyes???  Whoever she is pointing the gun at, it has to be someone she knows, otherwise, she would not display that emotion and doubt.

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I know that I am taking way too much into this, but you have to admit that it’s intriguing and just gives the boost.  We need that boost!

Of course, the full trailer is on its way very soon, and we will discover the mystery person is, as well as Bellamy, Octavia, Monty, Murphy, the adults, and others.  Plus, a bomb of other awesome stuff!


Normally, I would make a new article, but since it will be very similar, I decided to post it here.

This morning, Jason Rothenberg tweeted another screenshot from the trailer!  But this time, it’s a Blake!

Jason Rothenberg on Twitter

Jason Rothenberg on Twitter


It is the new commander, Octavia, and like Clarke, Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is looking quite fiery and fierce.  Here is the large version for close up:

The 100 Season 5

It appears that Octavia is fighting with someone, but who?  Notice how rigid and tight her form is-so the person probably just went over the edge with Octavia.  Marie discussed at Comic-Con this year that her character will go down a  very dark and bloody path, as she fights for solace and righteousness among the Bunker people and those above.  Her brother, Bellamy will not like Octavia’s new attitude, but Octavia has always been a spitfire.  Hopefully though, she will rule rightfully.



As a delightful treat to the Thanksgiving holiday, another tweet from the ep has landed!  This time it’s of Spacekru.

Jason Rothenberg on Twitter

Happy Thanksgiving! Another sneak peak, this time with @clarkinlarkin @linzzmorgan @LuisadOliveira @WildpipM @ChelseyReist @tasyateles.

The group is having a bit of Monty’s moonshine, and they appear to be having a moment of remembrance and silence.  I believe that they are mourning for Clarke and the others as they (as far as Spacekru knows) did not survive Praimfaya.  Close up of the screen cap:

The 100 Season 5

One of the many questions that flood my mind is how everyone took to living in space, especially Echo and Emori.  It would have been a completely different world for them.  Also, six years is a long time and when they reunite with their people on the Ground, things will be altered, and new discoveries will be made.  Nothing and nobody is the same after six years, so it will be such an intrigue to watch and unwrap.

By the way, where the hell is Murphy?!  A follower of the Grounders Source Instagram pointed that Richard Harmon, who portrays John Murphy,  is not in the shot.  This created a new wave of concern for me.  What happened to him, and better yet, is he safe?  Or is Murphy surviving somewhere else?  I hope that all is well and that the worrying is for nothing.

With these three new screenshots of the trailer, it looks like that we will have another intense and emotional season.  The 100 is no stranger to those elements.

The 100 season 5 will air in spring 2018 on the CW.

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