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Will The Blake Siblings Be Broken In Season 5?

by Evelyn Ulrich
Blake Siblings

One of the more gripping narratives of The 100 are the Blake siblings.  As we all know, Octavia was born illegally as a second child in a populace-restricted ARK, and because of this, Aurora Blake (Bellamy’s and Octavia’s mother) was floated.  Despite the scandal, the Blakes are the prime definition of family. Bellamy may have had bumps in the road watching out for his sister, but that is pretty much a  given when it comes to raising kids.  Yet, the Blakes survived the harshest of situations with or without the other.  The last time bro and sis saw one another was when they were on the radio in the fourth season finale.  With six full years surpassed, the narrative will take on a shifting course between the two.

In The Beginning

We first got an understanding of the Blake Siblings, Bellamy, (Bob Morley) of his protection and love for Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) in season one.  Which feels like almost yesterday.  It was very sentimental, yet at the same time Octavia, being a bit rebellious did not always follow his guidance.  At the end of the season, Octavia valued her big brother and had to part ways with him due to being injured in the Grounder-Skaikru conflict.  It was not until the middle of season two when Bellamy and O reunited after she saved his life and the others in his group.  Then they were pretty much inseparable until Bellamy entered Mt. Weather to save their friends and family.   It must’ve been hard on Octavia because she did not know if Bellamy would come out alive.  Once Mt. Weather was defeated, everyone thought all will be well.  But, that thought were inadequate in either survival or interpersonal structure.  Hey, it’s The 100, no one is guaranteed safety or survival.

On The Rocks

The tension between the two Blakes stretched and eventually snapped in season three over Bellamy’s act of joining Pike’s militia, participating in the Grounder massacre, and semi-associating Lincoln’s death.  Octavia did have the right to be angry in every facet, but she did take it a bit too far when she beat Bellamy to a pulp.  While this was a way of dealing with the anger and grief, Bellamy allowing her to do it, it did not solve anything.   Fighting never really does.  As the season continues on, Octavia and Bellamy work together (though tension is thick) to stop ALIE with the rest of The 100.  But, I do think that they reconciled on a mutual level in the season three finale.  However, that was the start of Octavia’s dark shadow.

Little Sister Grows Up

After having some episodes of murder, being dubbed as “Skairippa,” and opening herself up to love, Octavia won the Conclave and hopes to bring the two worlds of people in the bunker.  With Bellamy’s support and encouragement, Octavia feels like she is filled with the confidence and ambition to become the next Commander.  We have not spectated how she ruled the bunker, but thanks to answers from Jason Rothenberg from this year’s Comic-Con, we will see a very different Octavia who will take drastic measures to keep Wonkru at bay.  Which interprets more deaths, a commonplace on the series.  However, her brother won’t like the new change O will endure and will have a difficulty adjusting to her choices.  And they will clash at times because things will be different between them.  They will be different because, in six years, people evolve and are not the same.  I even saw Bellamy sporting a beard… .which is indescribable. ❤ And, OctOctavia andarke-as we know, will be sporting a whole new look as well.


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Whatever the outcome, the Blakes always seem to re-thread and connect.  Maybe it’s because they only have each other, and Bellamy had made a promise that nothing will ever happen to Octavia.  We will have to see the fate of these two when season five premieres in early 2018.  Do you think that Bell and O will be close once again?  Let GS know by dropping a comment or thought, or by Tweeting!

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