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The 100 In TV Guide Magazine’s 2017 Comic Con Edition

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

I have scanned and uploaded the pages of The 100 feature from this year’s Comic Con edition of TV Guide Magazine.  Senior writer Damian Holbrook penned an amazing piece asking the important questions to show runner Jason Rothenberg touching base about the upcoming season five.  The answers were nondescript about spoilers but provided enough satisfaction to quench the thirst.  The feature also contained past seasons, a few BTS photos!  You can access the scans below.


The 100 Feature From TV Guide Magazine 2017 Comic Con Edition

Click on the thumbnail to reach that image, or click on the link below them to get access to the full album

The 100The 100The 100The 100The 100

Access the full album


The cast will be making appearances this Friday and all weekend long at Comic Con in San Diego.

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