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The Top Five OMGs From DNR

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Top Five OMGs From DNR

DNR was all about making choices.  Choices that both affected the characters personally, and for the sake of humanity.  There were also some shown of remorse and sadness.  I have picked the best ones that illustrate them.  Here are the Top Five OMGs From DNR.  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


The Top Five OMGs From DNR


5.  Harper Says Good-bye

It seems like Harper has been going through a rather rough time this season, and it is hard.  She lost Louis from the black rains, and it had to effect her in a traumatic way.  Maybe it gave her survivor’s guilt, as she could not helped Louis when he cried out to her.  Or maybe she is just simply tired of what the world had offered her, and did not want to pursue anymore heartache.   So her choice to stay within the compounds of Arkadia, where the death wave will perish those who stay.  Yet, Monty thought at first that Harper was cowardly for making this choice, but at the end, he stayed behind because he couldn’t leave his love.  I have a hunch that Monty is up to something, but I am skipping ahead.


The Top Five OMGs From DNR


4.  Jasper Makes a Choice

Poor Jasper.  You know, the kid has been getting a lot of negative feedback this season as he spirals downward from a severe case of PTSD.  The disease is very real, but many refuse to accept it, unfortunately.  Jasper saw too much, been through too much, and well, he had no choice in the matter.  While many of our characters share the similar fates, some are more fragile than others.  This time, Jasper and those who stayed behind had a choice, something that most of them never had.  It may be a direct path to suicide, and that is something that I myself would not make, but what do we really know what is going on inside their minds?  At least if Jasper feels secure and sure about it, then there is really nothing we can do.


The Top Five OMGs From The 100 DNR


3.  Murphy’s Remorse

The dynamic and building characterization of Murphy and Raven was very prominent in this scene.  Murphy, who has been a walking warning since season one, now feels remorse and guilt for his wrong doing.  Raven, who always fired hatred towards Murphy, accepted his apology.  She has learned to dealt with her disability (though hard), and move on.  Raven has an even bigger issues to contend.  The upgrade of her brain is killing her, and while she can accept the immobility of her leg, she won’t accept her deteriorating brain.   In a heartbreaking gesture, the two embrace in a hug, as they exchange their final good-byes.


The Top Five OMGs From DNR


2.  Clarke’s Ascension 

Clarke believed that the only way to stop the warring between the Clans was to become Commander.  That way, she can have hearsay and order a truce.  That did not happen.  Clarke only knows of the Grounder culture through Lexa, which is not a bad thing, as you can learn from a true Heda.  But with only knowing a small portion, the other Grounders, especially Roan feel like she was making a mockery of their faith.  They did seem to forget that Becca Praimheda was a Nightblood through science, like Clarke is.  But maybe over the course of 97 years, they wanted to go by genetics.  If anyone can be a Nightblood through science as Roan says, then the blood can no longer be trusted.  Truth be told, I am glad that Clarke didn’t become Commander as it would ruin the tale.   Which leads me to my next moment.


The Top Five OMGs From DNR



1.   A Final Conclave 

To decide the next Commander of the Clans, a final conclave was announced by King Roan of Azgeda.  Each tribe will have a warrior to fight to the death until one remains.  The winning Clan will have the bunker when Praimfaya comes, leaving the others to die.  This is a very precarious and drastic situation, and it may not be the most ideal thing.  However, fighting and wars are the only ways the Grounders work things out.  Clarke is fearful that her people will perish in the blaze as they don’t know how to use non-firearm weapons.  Thus, they can’t enter the Conclave.  But here comes Octavia on her horse, announcing her place in the war.  There is a chance for Skaikru after all.


The Top Five OMGs From DNR




When a moment is so good and so well-played, it has to be added to my list.  Let’s discuss the possible ship, Mackson!  Or Jilller?  Whatever your preference is, it is equal.  Now, there is something going on between Eric Jackson and Nathan Miller.  The glances, the shoulder grab, the overall secretive smiles.  If a relationship is on the rise, then that would make Jackson the sixth LGBT character of the series.  But, this also could be a very strong friendship, as the two shared similar experiences.  Not that I am against having another LGBT character.  I am all for it.  Whatever makes the two happy.  We need some happiness to share.


The Top Five OMGs From DNR


Alrighty, that ends this edition of The Top Five OMGs.  What will I choose for Die All, Die Merrily?  You just have to come back and see!

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