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The 100 Season Four Soundtrack Available Soon

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

The 100 has not only delivered such powerful, yet entrancing, and meaningful characters, narratives, and scenery, but also the music.  The soundtrack gives the series more ominous feeling, and creates a rhythm that only few shows can dream of.


Tree Adams is the wonderfully mastered composer behind the haunting, yet beautiful music that makes each episode come alive.  It takes us to a faraway, mystifying place when we listen to the pieces on our devices, solo from the show, and we remember the magic of it.  That is what music should be define as, magic.  It connects each one of us, and creates the finishing touch to any scene or setting.

One of the influences that Adams uses to create such eloquent and phenomenal sequences is The 100 fandom.  He explains that the fans inspire him to dig deeper to project the right symphony for the dark, yet thematic story-telling of the series.

This Friday, May 19th The 100 season four soundtrack will be available.  Fans can preorder the album at  Amazon and Itunes.  If you cannot wait two days, you can listen to one of the twenty-six tracks below.  Give it a listen.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6V-XuQMX3U[/embedyt]

The 100 airs Wednesday nights on the CW.

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