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The 100 DNR Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 DNR

DNR was not only a great, compelling episode, but it was also very reflective of past seasons.  I have completed the recap-review for  The 100 DNR, and I hope that you will enjoy it.  *The following piece will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*

The 100 DNR Recap-Review

“Time Is Running Out, and War Is Brewing”

#409 Aired April 26, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


The 100 returned tonight after a month-long hiatus, and it was worth the wait.  I must admit that some of the subplots in DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) were a little cramped, but it all worked and blended beautifully at the end.  It was another emotional coaster, and battling one, as our Kru try to negotiate peace among others, and peace within themselves.  Peace negations can be difficult to work out, especially when there are two clans at each other’s throats.  There was also a bit of affection in DNR, and I think that it was needed in DNR as the prime situations are dire.  Jaha went from being a little loopy to being greatly stan-worthy, and there is a betrayal.  Always a betrayal.  Read on if you want more.

DNR opens up with Murphy, Emori, and Raven are “left behind” in Becca’s lab.  Now, Emori has very strong feelings about Skaikru, and I 1000% agree with her.  Skaikru, except Murphy treated her like she was next to nothing, and to be physically challenged on top of that, it messes up your feelings.  As a disabled woman myself, I can relate to this on a personal level.     Murphy warns Raven not to code (We need more women who can code!), but she tells him that she was disconnecting.  These moments between Murphy and Raven are pure golden, and how Okay, well it has come that Raven is succumbing to her upgrade, and she has a hallucination of Becca monitoring the spaceship.  Uh, no.

Octavia is on Ilian’s farm, and she is put to work.  It is damn convincing, that gardening is not O’s forte.  As she attempts to stab the ground, Ilian helps her by showing how to do it the correct way.   It is a very cute scene, and although it is a bit rushed, I like these two together.  He is not Lincoln, and no one can really take over your first love (Unless they were an ass), but at this moment they seem to need one another to heal.  Octavia learns that Ilian is a warrior of his clan when she overhears him speak to Akari, but he has no interest in fighting.  Did you see Octavia’s green eyes light up with adoration when she found out about that?  She still has that vivaciousness in her from season one.  That assertiveness has not been flickered out from her character.

Jaha is nailing it so much this season, that it almost makes his madness prior seasons nonexistent.  The guy still has his flaws, but he is trying.  Jaha gives a motivational speech for the 400 people to march out of Arkadia and to the bunker.  Some people on not on board with this, and it is only natural due to their traumatization both on the ARK and Mount Weather.  They want a CHOICE, which is something they never had.  Jasper is going to stay behind, and later we see Harper debating whether she should stay as well.  Monty is surprised at her choice, and he calls her out on it.  Monty thought that she was brave, and had a strong survivor instinct, but now he sees her as “cowardly.”  Oh, a rift in the Marper ship!  My little heart is in the tears.   Things only gets worse when Niylah says a painful good-bye to Harper because she is positive that she is never going to see her friend again.  Now, when I said that I wanted more “Niyper,” I wanted more happy interactions.  Not like this!

In a complete parallel of season two, Jasper and Harper are leading the DNR revolution party.  I understand their reasoning of having a choice, and being traumatized from being locked up on the ARK and Mt. Weather.  Bellamy agrees with them on this when Jaha and the Guard tried to break into the party scene.  I don’t know about this situation though in my opinion.  I think that it is suicidal, and their supporting that.  Yes, I get the desire to have your own choices, your own free will, but when it comes to death, it does not seem right.  Or maybe I am just a fighter who does not want to give up, no matter how despondent things are.  Maybe Jasper’s fight is gone.  Oh, and Monty joins in, because he does not want to be broken away from his beloved.  There is also a cute and very sad hug between Bellamy and Jasper as they say their goodbyes.

Headed to the Temple, Miller is driving the Rover with Jackson riding shotgun.  Now, there has been a bit of a hype on social media that Mackson, or Jiller, could be a “thing.”  The looks they gave one another could interpret a lot of things.  Two good friends who share troubled experiences.  Or they could be making light of the moment, which on The 100, there are very few light moments.  After all, this show is about survival, no safety, and “What the hell are we going to do now?”  Yes, very little room for the lightness.  Or the glances and smiles could be the very first thing that I said.  If this proves to be true, then Jackson will be another strong LGBT character, and if he opens up more, then maybe we will learn more about Jackson.  He is one character that gets sidelined too much in my perspective, so it’ll be great for the Jackson fans to see a new side to him.  We will soon see hopefully.  The only downside on this potential new romance is Brian.  We do not know if he and Miller are officially done with little screen time he had this season.  Ah, the drama.

Meanwhile, in the back of the Rover, Clarke and Abby share a discussion about Indra finding out about the bunker, and how the alliance with Roan is no longer valid.  Clarke is in disbelief at first, but then realizes that her mom was right.  So, Clarke takes off to save Roan, and he approaches Kane and Trikru guards who attempt to kill him.  Yikes.  That won’t bode well to sharing the bunker, now will it?  Luckily, (depending on how you look at the scene) Echo pops in from behind a tree, saves her King and arrows the Trikru guards.  Roan grasps that Skaikru has betrayed him, and he takes them all prisoner.  Again.  One minute, Roan is smooth and open to negation, and the next, he can turn.  It is hard to trust him.

So, we are back in Polis, and Echo is praised for her decent work of taking over the Temple.  The one thing that gets me, and I am almost sure that lots of people feel the same way, is that you should not be focused so much of whether you like the other clan or not, you are about to die.  Feuding will not help anything.   He summits for Clarke to come in, and expresses his anger.   Azgeda and Trikru would rather fight then share a bunker.  Roan makes this point very clear.

Ilian and Octavia share a romantic moment and they talk about Praimfaya and how everything that will die will come back in some form.  Reincarnation.  Octavia still wants to fight though.  I don’t know if you guys see it, but Ilian seems to calm down Octavia’s “wild horse” spirit.  For now, at least.

Raven is having another hallucination (Please cut her a damn break already), and this time it is very, very serious.  Becca is the center of it, and she tells the poor girl that her time is running out.  She knows or seems to know, that Raven doesn’t want to live underground, doesn’t want to be the good little soldier that follows Clarke.  She convinces her to end it on her terms.  Becca will help her spacewalk, and Raven is intrigued by this notion.  Emori and Murphy watch Raven in her hallucination, and are concerned about Miler not retuning yet.  Without him, it will be impossible for them to get back in time.  Well, Emori is.  Murphy suggests that they can live in the lighthouse, until the storm rides out.

“Without food?”  Emori challenges him.  “We’ll starve.”

“Who needs food when you go love?” Murphy suggests slyly.  Best. One. Liner. Ever.

At the Temple, Roan, Clarke, (Who meets Gaia) go down to the bunker, where Clarke discovers it holds room for 1200 people.  Enough for everyone.  But Indra who met them down there, is not too keen on it.  She and Roan DON”T want to share it and they don’t want to live together in a closed hole for five year.  So, they go to war.

Clarke needs to stop the war before it begins, so she goes to Gaia.  She says that nothing can stop the clans from killing one another, not even Wanheda.

“But a Commander can,” retorts Clarke.

“Of course, a Commander can.  But we need a Natbilda for that.”

Clarke grabs one of Gaia’s daggers, and in defense, Gaia draws her other one at her.  Clarke slits her palm and shows Gaia her Nightblood.  She is stunned by what she sees, but the blood doesn’t lie.

“Make me the Commander.”

Octavia is tending the garden again, and three Glowing Forest clan members come up from behind, including Akari.  They want to kill her for being Skairipa.  Octavia tries her best to ignore them, but one surprises her.  She warns them to back off, but they’re not listening.  Octavia suddenly bursts out, using her garden hoe (That’s what it’s called.), as a sword.  Who knew that a tool like that can be used like that?  When the fight’s over, the grounders are dead, and Ilian looks at her in total surprise.

“This is who I am,” she tells him in a crisp matter.

The only thing that irks me about this pairing is that O is spending all of her time with this guy, and not trying to make amends with Bellamy.  But hopefully, that will change.

Roan and Echo go over plans of temple guard, when they hear the Ascension call.  They are confused at first, but Roan figures out that the Flame was a dud.

Gaia is hosting the Ascension of Clarke, who figures that this is a way to stop the warring clans.  However, it is interrupted by Roan, and he calls in to bring Abby.  Roan does not want Clarke to be Commander as he feels that she is making a mockery of their faith.  Abby was forced to explain on how Clarke became a Nightblood, through science.  Keep in mind that the first Nightblood was created by science, so I really don’t understand why the Grounders are against it.  Maybe it is because Clarke only knows a fraction of their culture and that was from Lexa.  Also, as much as I love Clarke, I am glad that the show didn’t follow this route.  So, if anybody can become a Nightblood through science, and if anyone can take the Flame, then the blood cannot be trusted.

And so, a conclave is declared to become the next Commander.


Jackson and Miller come back to the lab, (There is something between the two), and tell Murphy and Emori to gather up and go.  They also said to get Raven, and Murphy steps down the stairs to do so.  However, Raven tells him that she is not going to go, that she has accepted her faith.  One of the ore powerful scenes in the episode was Murphy apologizing to her for his wrongdoing.  This is great character dimension and we see Murphy grieving.  I must admit, I teared up during this scene I refuse to accept the fact that Raven will die.  I have a feeling that she won’t, but the very thought of it is haunting.

We only get a minute of Bellamy and Clarke at the ending, but it is an important one.  They discuss that without the Grounder weaponry, they’ll die in the Conclave.  It’s a hard pill to swallow, but they may not have choice.  Until Octavia comes in with her horse, and makes it a point that she is here for the war.

And that is just all too awesome.  But only six days to go. ?


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