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The 100 Die All Die Merrily Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
Die All Die Merrily

Wow, just wow.  The 100 delivered one of the best episodes to date with Die All Die Merrily.  Its initial focus was on Octavia, but it was also so for the others.  I have written the review for the episode, and you can read it below.  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


The 100 Die All Die Merrily Recap-Review

Let The Games Begin, and May the Most Strong Win

#410 Aired May 3, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


                The Hunger Games holds no bounds when it comes to The 100.  This reverberates throughout Die, All, Die Merrily, tonight’s blood shedding, and tear jerking, and in my case, stomach twisting episode.   I can full see why this is Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake) favorite episode, as the entire summary reflects on her character’s arc, and narrative.  I must say, though it was one of the best of the season, maybe the entire series due to the near perfect sequences, and what survival really means in the end.  That is difficult to say, as the whole series, even with the shakeups of season three has been to the core.

Firstly, kudos to the marvelous Aaron Ginsburg who wrote the episode.  Now, let’s begin.  This must be one of the more violent episodes to date, and whilst it was wonderful in every aspect (I wonder why it is doing on a semi-low budget network), I had to look away at times.  Octavia is one true warrior as she prepares for the final Conclave.  The champion will be the surviving clan to take the crypt of one Becca Praimheda.  It will be a true fight to the death.  The ultimate test for survival.

Through their hard and easy times, the Blake siblings always had that strong bond.  Now, as Octavia is about to throw herself literally to born-trained warriors, Bellamy gives her courage and hope.  The reunion is indeed very heart wrenching, but she has Bellamy’s full support.  Clarke, well I can’t say as she and Jaha thinks the whole ordeal is preposterous.  I can’t disagree, but I can’t agree either.

So, that Conclave huh?  It was compelling, and it was brutal.  Octavia and Roan simply owned it.  Luna, not so much.  Yes, it was a small twist that she appeared out of the dark blue and claimed herself for victory, but in my opinion, I think it was building up within her.  Luna was a shadow of evil, as she maliciously fought her way, and did the crazy murderer thing when she thought she found Octavia.  While the warriors were all at a degree of maliciousness, and for survival, Luna was the worst.  If she would have won, that would have met death for everyone.  She simply didn’t do it for survival.

Roan, who has been ample received a surprising end while trying to kill Luna with Octavia.  The black rain threw him off course, and Luna done the deadly deed.  Yet, what if Roan stumbled away?  The fight and after effects were pretty damn surreal, but I have a feeling that his story is not over yet.  Plus, I am enjoying his character.  Zach McGowan was killed off in a traditional sense in Black Sails, and while he may have had an honorable death tonight, I still can’t picture it.  But, we will soon see for sure.

Bellamy has been committed over his love and protection for his little sister.  And that was one of the major highlights of Die All, Die Merrily.  Anyone who has a sibling (I have three by the way) will know what this love is about.  Bellamy is risking his own life to see where O is going and how she is dong.  Octavia realizes while hiding behind the curtains she overhears Bellamy’s speech about her.  This is when Bellamy also try to kill Echo for sniping in the Conclave.  Roan banishes her out, instead of killing.  That is a slick move.  However, even after she is banished, Echo has tears for the fallen king as she learns of his death.  Echo has a soft side, and is only doing what she feels is right for her people.  As they all are.  But, when she sniped Ilian and Octavia had to end his suffering (A promise which he made her live up to), I felt a pang of hatred for her.  Ilian was the kind of man that we want.  Sensitive, soft, and caring, but will put his life on the line for those he loves.   And not bad looking either.  Damn that arrow.

As Octavia, the champion of the Conclave and the “key” for her people’s survival gazes down at the crowd in the throne room.  She didn’t enter the Conclave for her people, or even for herself, but for everyone.  It was for the honor of Lincoln, who would be so very proud of her.  It was a fantastic way to illuminate his memory.

As they head over to the bunker, there is a shock.  The bunker is locked, and Kane is flabbergasted.  He has every reason to be.  As it turns out, Jaha and Clarke have taken the bunker just to hold their people.  While it may be right in their eyes, it is not to me.  I firmly believe that everyone one deserves a chance, and this amplifies the hatred of Skaikru to the Grounders, while they were making alliances all season.  Bellamy is down in the bunker, and while I strongly agree that he deserves to be down there, he feels probably differently.  After all, Octavia, Kane, and a handful of Skaikru are above grounds, they are worth saving.  Does Clarke not see this?  And what is her purpose of doing such a thing?  Or maybe it is not what it seems.

Die All, Die Merrily has proven to be the best of the best.  With plot twist after plot twist, and its wonderfully diverse and dynamic structure, it kept us attached.

What was that word that Octavia used to describe one clan? Ogeda.

That sums up my review for Die All, Die Merrily.  See you on the ‘Other Side.’

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