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In Memorial: We Honor The 100 Lost

by Evelyn Ulrich

Memorial Day:  A holiday in which we honor and express gratitude for the veterans and heroes of the international Armed Forces.  While technically it is celebrated in the United States, I simply could not leave out the other continents who served as well.  Thus, the word “international.”  Sadly, many of these soldiers come home with great mental distress, physical impairment, emotional detachment, and never see a sunrise again.  Many go through a war of their own, having to cope with the ongoing nightmares and challenges following their experiences in battle.  Fortunately, there is hope and there is help for them to heal.  While several men, women, and children receive the tools and support, the battle scars are always going to be carved deep within, some become lost.  In honor of Memorial Day, which is this week, Grounders Source is remembering those who were lost in the battles on The 100.

In Memorial: The 100 Top Devastating Deaths

 Finn Collins

Finn was the pacifist of The 100, not wanting to start conflict with the Grounders.  I have to agree with him on this, as I wouldn’t want to fight a bunch of skilled warriors.  However, after the Grounder/delinquent battle, Finn developed a dangerous case of PTSD.  Fearing that he had lost Clarke-the love of his life, he went on an intense “rescue” search to locate her in season two.  After Finn committed a horrific mass murder at the Grounder village, TonDC, he snapped out of his  clouded mind when Clarke appeared.  It was almost like she was the healing power that he needed, almost.  Lexa, who was Commander at the time, offered a 1-18 deal.  Finn would be executed with 18 cuts (One for each murder), instead of killing all of Skaikru.  It’s a very hard choice, and Clarke and her band tried to help him.  Nonetheless, he eventually turned himself in, and it was Clarke who had done the mercy killing.  It was one of the more profound deaths on the series.


Commander Lexa kom Trikru

The story of Lexa is a beautiful, but sad one.  I think that everyone has a sad story to the story, but I digress.  Lexa was a symbol of a strong young woman, who put others first, and was not afraid to love.  When we were first introduced to Lexa in season two, she paired up with Skaikru to rescue both of their people locked in the mountain.   We all thought that the clans would become unified  after this event, but no.  Lexa betrayed Clarke, but did what she had to do to save her people.  In season three, Lexa got Roan to bring Clarke to Poils to save her, but Clarke had bite.  I can’t blame her, as Lexa did leave her behind to fend for herself.  Yet, Lexa made Skaikru the 13th clan, and pledged her fealty to Clarke.  So, Clarke stayed in Polis and eventually before the two parted ways, they consummated their relationship.  Afterwards, Lexa was accidentally killed by Titus from a stray bullet.  That catapulted lots of backlash from fans, as the death was a common trope to LGBT rep on television.  However, it did bring positivity as well.  Although Lexa is gone, she is not forgotten as she was a legend to many who responded well to her.

Jasper Jordan

Jasper was another soul whose narrative was a depressing one.  He just wanted to “live,” which is the common essential for any sixteen-year old, especially one who never had freedom.  Jasper, with his infamous goggles, was this happy, carefree kid in most of season one, with his best buddy, Monty Green not too far behind.   During the Mt. Weather incarceration and the inhumane bone marrow treatments, Jasper fought to save them.  The kids all came together to bring down the Mountain, to get their freedom back.  Knowing that they had no choice, Clarke and Bellamy pulled down the lever killing the Mt. Weather residents by irradiation.  Among the fatalities, was Maya Vie, Jasper’s true love.  After that, he became lost in severe PTSD and depression, locking others out.  For the one who was this bubble of fun and spirited energy, he had lost all hope.  In the season three finale, he was supposed to die, but didn’t due that’d it be too dark.  Yet, Jasper did succumb to his demons with his faithful friend, Monty at his side, stating their brotherly love.  While I don’t like using suicide to fit a plotline, it was done phenomenally.  It also told the truth of what can happen if we don’t seek counseling and medical help for our mental illnesses.  There is always a light in the darkest moment, and there is hope.

incoln kom Trikru

Lincoln, who just wanted to be one kru, was a rebel to the Grounders’ “Blood Must Have Blood” lifestyle.  He was also Octavia’s true love, a star-crossed romance between two societies.  Lincoln was a good man, and became connected with Skaikru.  However, he became a victim of Mt. Weather in the Cerberus program.   The program caused Lincoln to be addicted to the “Red” and a flesh eating reaper.  Octavia helped him out of his addiction, and stood by his side.  Lincoln got his avenge by killing Cage Wallace, the de facto president of Mt. Weather.  In season three, he done his best to save his people from Chancellor Pike, who was an brainwashing dictator.  In effect, in exchange for his peoples’ safety, he sacrificed his own life.  It was a very graphic death, and I had to look away.  Yet, Lincoln did die a hero, and Octavia did live up to his promise, though there were major bumps in her journey.

  Maya Vie

Maya was part of the Revolution at Mt. Weather, as Grounders and Skaikru were being inhumanely drained.  She was also Jasper’s true love, giving him the only happiness that he has known.  Throughout the second season, Maya consistently helped-the others, and Bellamy as he went through the Mountain.  She was part of an experiment to see if the Skaikru’s blood would heal her radiation exposure.  Maya always done the right thing in her heart, so it was no wonder why she was loved.  Unfortunately, she was one of the innocent victims of the irradiation.  Yet, becuse of her, Skaikru were given another chance.


Sinclair’s unexpected death was one that nearly unraveled me.  He was only one of two characters that did not construe any kills.  Also, Sinclair was indeed Raven’s guardian angel, and has aided her through out her mechanic training, as well as personal. In fact, he was a major part of Raven, and the fandom enjoyed the father/daughter relationship that the had.  Sinclair died protecting Raven, and his love for her was more than his own life.  That is the only way to accept his death for myself.


Anya was the fierce female Grounder warrior who consulted Skaikru about their “acts of war” in season one.  In season two, she formed a hard alliance with Clarke, to stop the evil at Mt. Weather, and that Anya will deliver the news to the commander.  While the two did have their differences, they were determined to free their people.  However, after when they shook hands in terms of peace and truce, Anya was shot by an ARK guard.  Then a stream of negative events occurred before peace could be made.

Wells Jaha

Wells, we hardly knew ye.  Wells Jaha was the other character who did not have any kills.  From the beginning, he was a do-getter, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Of course, Wells was given a hard time by the others, and even made enemies with Bellamy.  Wells was also Chancellor Jaha’s son, and Jaha felt the heavy guilt of sending him down.  Clarke held bitter resentment towards Wells as she believed (He told her) that he turned her father in when it was really Abby.  He only done it so Clarke wouldn’t hate her mother, and she had forgiven Wells.  During a confrontation with the unstable Charlotte, she stabbed him to end her nightmares.  Wells was only in the first three episodes, but his story arc would have been very interesting as he had opposing viewpoints than the others.

Ilian kom Trishanakru

Ilian was a hater of technology and made his vendetta against it.  His reasoning was that he was controlled by it, and made him massacred his entire family.  In his revenge, Ilian destroyed the server room of Arkadia, causing the Skaikru’s home to go up in flames.  He was supposed to be killed by Octavia for his actions, but she could not do it.  Instead, the two of them have a heated love affair, which was a way for Octavia to heal from her own scars.  Fighting against her, then aside her in the Final Conclave, he was shot by Echo (In order to try to save her people), and mercy killed by Octavia because the pain was just too much.  His life was short, but legendary.

King Roan kom Azgeda

Long live the King!  Roan was a cool dude of many sorts and witticisms.  He had a rather, let’s say “icy” relationship with Skaikru, and other clans. Roan was the leader of the most vicious one, but you also have to put into sense that Azgeda was just trying to survive, like everyone else.  He made allies with Skaikru to affirm that his people will survive Praimfaya, but due to broken promises and  betrayals, the alliance kept bending.  Roan was a participant in the Final Conclave with the other skilled clan warriors to win the bunker for their survival.  He paired up with Octavia to bring down Luna, but was wounded by Luna and got caught in the acid rain.  While it may appeared that Roan died, many fans, me included have theories that he is still alive, somehow.  If this is the case, then it would make sense as Roan was too damn good of a character (Seriously, I love his whole dynamic), and there were other ways to survive the Death Wave other than the second bunker, and space.  We just have not explored them yet.  Hopefully, King Roan is still alive, as I want to see more of his reign and what it will represent in the upcoming season five.  Until then, long live the King!

This concludes The List.  Do you have a favorite character not mentioned who passed on?  You can share them in the “discussion” section below.  For everyone on The 100-dead and alive, may we meet again.

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