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The 100 Season Finale Spoilers

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100

The 100 is indeed coming back this Wednesday after a month-long hiatus, and we are all pretty overjoyed.  The finale is sure to be a huge whirlwind, and will be the end link of this season’s Eco narrative.  Even though the fourth season finale is a mere month away, there were some spoilers released a few days ago.  I thing that it is pretty much optimistic, but keep in mind that everything and everyone is on a fine line.  *The following passage will contain spoilers.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


Via Tvline

THE 100

PRE-FINALE: Though most of your favorites will survive the impending “death wave” — which arrives in 10 days! — executive producer Jason Rothenberg says we should prepare to say goodbye to at least one more character this season: “The stakes are real. If they weren’t, the show wouldn’t be as emotionally involving for people.” In the meantime, Clarke will attempt to “figure out who gets to go inside” the bunker, which fits roughly 1,200 people; Bellamy will continue working through his “crisis of faith,” desperate to find “a way out of the darkness”; and Octavia’s journey is “about to go into orbit. It’s crazy what we’re about to see from her.” As for Becca, “These people have been in her house and her lab, and she might not be happy about that — you know, if she was still alive.”

SEASON FINALE (MAY 24): “The finale unfolds almost in real time,” Rothenberg reveals. “The season has been constructed around the idea that the clock starts ticking in the premiere … and when the finale starts, we’re at the 44-minute mark. The click is ticking loudly. It’s breathless.”


I wonder who will be the unfortunate soul.  The death count has been remarkably low this season, and I am quite relieved for that.   I live for the suspense, but not the dying.   I don’t like guessing just who it may be, as I believe that every character has a full purpose and is needed in some way on the show.  Plus, it is also very depressing.


The 100


The 100 fourth season finale will air May 24th (One day before yours truly birthday!) on the CW.

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