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The 100 God Complex Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 God Complex

I know that it has been a while, but I have  finally completed the recap-review for God Complex.  It will, hopefully, peak your excitement as we are still in the midst of the one month hiatus.  It was an intense, grinding episode with lots of suspense.  Here is the recap-review for The 100 God Complex.  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


The 100 God Complex Recap-Review

The 100 God Complex Recap-Review

“You Don’t Have To Do This!”

#408 Aired March 29th, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


Another exciting and mind-gripping episode has rippled this week, and I could not have been more engrossed.  There were plenty of parallels, season one throwbacks, and ‘just-how-far-we-should-go-until-this-is-inhumane’ divisions that reflected each character.  And there was some happy stuff added in the mix.  After all, life on The 100 should not all be hard.  But alas, if life was easy, will we fight for it?

The human trials begin with the bone marrow experiment with Baylis.  At first, it seems like all is going smooth, then boom.  Jackson turns up the dial of the radiation levels, and when it reaches 2,500 R.E.M (Roentgen equivalent man), Baylis is covered in burns, and black blood oozing from his eyes.  Um, ew.  So, now that the bone marrow test was a possible failure, what other solution can the come up with?  They have ten days to come up with something that’ll save everyone.  Oh, man the pressure!  Also, Emori tries to destroy the chamber, so that she would not be used next.

In Arkadia, there is a funeral going on for the eighteen black rain victims.  If you go back to the season one finale, eighteen of the 100 passed away before the dropship blast.  I somewhat made a connection there between then and now.  Jaha is doing the services, and well, I think he is a good fit for the occasion.  Can we just appreciate the interaction of Niylah and Harper?  Niylah was chanting a Grounder prayer to the dead, “From the earth, we will grow.  From the ashes, we will rise,” and Harper just fell in love with it.  I think that is the start of a beautiful friendship.  Who wants more Harlah moments?  I do!

Jaha and Kne discuss about “The Second Dawn” bunker, and how the last one that was filled with radiation victims could have been a ruse to keep the desired one from overflowing.  Kane is a bit skeptical, and asked Jaha how he knew about this.

“It’s what I would have done,” Jaha replied.  So now, for the sake of survival, we are going on a Grounder prayer, and a bunker that may or may not exist.  Sounds like an A+ plan to me.    They also need to see the Flame Keeper as she has the Flame.  Oh, they also recruited Monty to be their main engineer on the journey.  And he celebrates with Harper in a very cute embrace.

Jasper is living it up this season, and has no desire to stop now.  If I were him, I would be in a midst of pure panic, knowing that my life may end in short ten days.  But, I digress.  As if Jasper couldn’t get enough of the high life, he and Bellamy go venture out of Arkadia.  Who recalls the last time they went outside of the camp grounds?  It was the prime narrative in My Sister’s Keeper back in season one.  So they traipse the forest, and Jasper gives Bellamy the lowdown on how at the end of the day nobody will care at the end of the day about your mistakes because no matter what you do, you can’t erase them.  Whilst this is true, Bellamy is trying his very hardest to make things better.  So, Jasper has made a valid point in a long time.  Then he goes back into pure Jasper fashion and finds the Jobi nuts.

“Whatever the hell we want!” Jasper boasts, repeating Bellamy’s famous season one anthem.  Did anyone else get another of nostalgia?  Well, it seems like Bellamy is not too thrilled about being dragged into the dark forest just for those hallucinating nuts.  He remembers the feeling of the nut consumption and does not want to experience that again.

Back at Becca’s lab, Emori and Murphy are tied up to the rocket as they had a scene earlier about smashing the chamber, and everyone found out the truth about Baylis.  I really can’t blame Emori though.  Baylis was kind of a sleaze, and she was just trying to save herself.  Raven is quite uncomfortable about using Emori, but Clarke said that this is the only choice.  Jackson discovered if they remove a certain protein out of the blood, it just may work.  Abby also added that “If they don’t do something, they will die.”  Roan also agrees with the ladies.  When Abby tells Luna to prep for her next bone marrow extraction, Luna refuses.  She does not want her blood to take another life, and I am taking her side on this.  I would feel responsible for that death, as it was done by myself.   Luna tries to stagger away with a sore hip, but Roan wrestles her, and eventually she becomes unconscious.   I don’t know if he used aa sedative, or he just done it himself, but it was low.  He brings Luna to the table and lays her down.  Raven is totally disgusted with the whole ordeal, and she retorts to a tearful Clarke:

“Welcome to Mount Weather.”

Meanwhile, Kane, Jaha, and Monty head to the Temple in Polis, it is surrounded by Azgeda warriors.  Indra is also there, and Kane is happy to see her.  Indra does not reciprocate the feeling though, and slaps him.  She is livid about how the Skaikru betrayed her and made Allies again with the Ice Nation.  Indra tells Kane that she knows all about Azgeda getting to be selected to be the chosen, and how they attacked Trikru.  However, Kane assures her that it makes NO difference whatsoever that no matter what clan or species that you are, the radiation will kill you.  It was the same speech that Bellamy gave to Echo in The Four Horsemen.  Anyways, they enter the Temple, where Gaia (Indra’s daughter and Flamekeeper) is praying to the Flame.  Jaha spots the tattoo on her shoulder, and it is a perfect match of the emblem on the twelfth doomsday cult seal.  Thy must use it on the crypt of the first Commander, Becca Pramheda.

Back at the lab, Abby is doing another bone marrow extraction on precious Luna (Just leave the peacekeeping Grounder alone already, okay?), and Clarke watches her overhead in the office.  Roan pops in, and makes a snide remark on Nightbloods.   He also gives Clarke encouragement, that she is doing the right thing.  She is doubtful about that, and Roan adds that she was born for this.  Lexa knew it and so does he.  Hmm…maybe Clarke was a bonafide leader, but it still does not stop her feeling of how far is too far to save her people?

Kane and Indra, along with Jaha, and Monty make their way to the crypt.  Of course, they’re blocked by Azgeda guards.  Kane shows them the 13th Clan symbol, and the guards grants them access.  Yet, Indra does not believe that they will, and so she takes measures into her own handsShe swipes a gun that Monty places on the ground, and shoots all the guards.  Um, what?  For a culture that refuses to use firearms, Indra is a sure shot.  Where did she learn on just how to shoot with precision?  I guess that it is dismissed after Kane scolds her, and they enter the tomb.  They find the crypt and they meet Gaia inside.  Jaha asked where is the crypt, and Gaia tells him that it’s under the alter.  With a crazed excitement, Jaha peels away the alter layers, Soon, the find the crypt, and Gaia reads the inscription on it.   What it means is “Salvation lies within.”

“How do we open it?” Monty asks.  Jaha uses the key (the Seal) to try to open it, but is discouraged when it does not unlock.  Another possible setback?  Cut these people a damn break already I say.  Indra will have to move her guard detail to the temple to buy more time for them, but she wants the guns.  Kane is quite hesitant about this request, but Jaha orders him to giver the damn guns.  He warns Indra that one mishap will be the end of us all.  Knowing that Indra is not stupid, I think that she should be trusted.

On a more lighter fare in the episode there is a party happenin’ inside the bar of Arkadia.  This was also one of my favorite scenes as it had that fun, carefree, and lighthearted vibe.  Jasper is in his prime, and request to have some more Jobi nuts to the pretty Niylah.  She suggested that because of its strength, that it’d be brewed into a tea.  Jasper accepts it, and yells out “Teatime!”

Meanwhile, Bellamy is just watching everything.  He does not seem to be enjoying himself, until Bree (Remember her from season one?)  goes up to him and asked to dance with her.  At first, Bellamy shakes his head, and tells her that he doesn’t dance.  But Bree doesn’t only want to dance, if you know what I mean.  He sees Jasper giving him the “Go for It!” look, and Bellamy concedes that maybe he should just let loose.  They danced to the bar (Okay, Bree sets me off here to be honest.), and Bellamy downs some Jobi tea.  I also wanted to point out that Bellamy and Bree reminded me of his ‘Playboy” ways back in season one.  I don’t know if anyone else caught this, but I hope that it is not the case now because Bellamy needs to focus on his duties before the women.

Murphy and Emori are still tied up, and it has been confirmed that she will be used for the next experiment.  Murphy does not want anything to happen to her, but she tells him to go along with it and tells him to survive.  If only if it were that simple, Emori.  Clarke, Roan, and Miller come in at this point, and Clarke says that it is time.  She tells Emori that it’ll work, and she tells her off.  Miller injects a sedative into Emori, and Murphy is screaming at the top of his lungs.  He tries to attack Miller (All with great reason to), and Roan hold him back.  He is begging and pleading to Clarke and Miller not to do this.  He loves her, and he makes damn sure that they all know this.  He gives a nice and convincing argument with Wanheda, and Clarke just turns a cold shoulder.

Everyone is watching Clarke as she walks from the ship chamber, after hearing Murphy’s scream.  Abby is indecisive now about doing the test on Emori, and here I am, yelling my ass off at my TV, telling her not to touch her.   Abby gets ready to do the injection, but she freezes before she can get the needle in the vein.  Her daughter presses her on, telling her mother that they need to do this.  Abby tries again, but again, she freezes up and turns to Clarke.  Clarke then decides to do it (More screaming from yours truly.), but like her momma, she could not do it.  But, in a surprise act, Clarke injects the Nightblood into her own arm.

“I bear it so they don’t have to.”

Everyone is in shock as Clarke does this.  Abby is about to burst in agony, as any mother would when their child is their number one pride and joy.  Clarke glances at the radiation chamber.

“We’re testing me.”

A few hours later, Clarke feels fine after the injection, and gets ready to enter the chamber.  That step will decide on whether the experiment will work.  As she approaches it, her mother stops her, and tells her “NO.” Then, Abby explodes and destroys the chamber, as a means to protect her daughter, and to put a stop to inhumane testing.  Clarke knells down, and holds her momma in her hands, and comforts her.   Luna then quips, “Don’t worry. It’ll all be over soon.”

Jaha and Kane are still trying to pry open the crypt, with an exhausted Monty watching.  Indra announces that they need to leave, but Jaha is determined that he will find that second bunker.  Gaia is discouraged, and accepts her fate of burning.  Yet, Monty has an idea.  What if ‘Rise From the Ashes’ is not just a motto, but an instruction?  With this new speculation, Monty drops the seal into the flames, where they turn bright pink. And it melts down to form a key in the Roman Numeral twelve.  Jahe picks up the key and uses it to unlock the crypt.  IT WORKS! Finally, something good happens!  It reveals a dark staircase, that everyone transcends down, with Jaha in the lead.  By the way, great mechanics on the opening!  After walking a bit ways, the group disembark on something so unreal.  The second bunker that will save lives.  It is a beautiful moment, and hopefully, will be the answer to salvation.


That covers up my recap-review of God Complex.  It was an amazing episode, and a great way to keep us fans thinking about the net one.  Speaking of which, the new episode, DNR will air April 26th.

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