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The Top Five OMGs From The Tinder Box

by Evelyn Ulrich
The Top Five OMGs Of The Tinder Box

What an incredible episode!  Every week, I am blown away by the magnitude and just how far the limit will be pushed.  Of course, there were plenty of scenes that vacated our breaths and made viewers tear up.  But, you  know the drill.  Only five can be in The Top 5.  So here are The Top 5 OMGs from The Tinder Box.  *Be aware that the following piece will possess spoilers from the episode.  Reader discretion is advised.*


The Top 5 OMG’s From The Tinder Box

5.  Raven’s Super Brain

People use only 10% of their brain to deliberate, focus, and to contemplate our next big idea.  If you are Raven Reyes though, you use a lot more than 10%.  At the beginning of the episode, she is having a hallucinating seizure and appears to be spacewalking.  This is one of the signs that her brain, upgraded by ALIE, is deteriorating.  From deactivation from the EMP.  But, there also appears to be an upside that is, if you can call it that.  Raven’s brain usage has significantly revved, and she is doing a multitude of things, and absorbing everything.  During her brain scan, it show great power, and revealed why has been completely quick this season.  But, the sad fact is that Raven is getting worse, unless that there is a way to stop the deterioration.


The Top Five OMG's From The Tinder Box

Raven’s Brain Scan


4.  3,2,1….BLAST OFF!

Okay, so the Nightblood cannot not be made on the ground.  That is bad.  Despite the news though, there is another option.  Thanks to Raven’s super fluid and impacted knowledge prior in the lab, she figured out that Becca had a rocket in storage.  The rocket was built so that Becca can travel to space to produce Nightblood.  The  reason why the making of the Nightblood failed is because the structure of the RNA was incomplete.  So, will Raven be blasting off again to make the blood?  One can only hope!


The Top Five OMG's From The Tinder Box

Blast OFF!


3.  Riley Unravels, Almost

Taking Riley along to help on the Azgeda/Skaikru conflict was a poor choice.  He is very much in trauma from being enslaved from Azgeda, and his uneasiness nearly cost him and everyone else’s lives.  When he went out on his own to follow Clarke and Roan, it was bittersweet.  Riley is unpredictable, and nearly shoots Roan. That is, he would have fired his rifle and assinate him if Bellamy and Echo did not intervene.  Echo was ready to arch Riley (I technically cannot blame her because he is the King), but Bellamy shared his experiences about going off, and he does not want Riley to make the same mistakes.  Thank God that Riley listened to him because the gang would have yet another problem to deal with.  Lesson learned here:  Never again bring Riley.


The Top Five OMGs From The Tinder Box

Riley Unravels


2.  Clarke Saves Octavia

They may have their differences, since the very first episode, but Octavis is still a part of The 100.  Otherwise, she would not have came back to warn Skaikru about Azgeda’s attack.  What is really touching about this scene though is the hidden friendship, and Clarke’s determination.  The question on my mind is that will Octavia have a closer relationship with Clarke?  Will she be grateful, and allow herself to be more trusting to her?  Octavia has always been that free spirit, following her own rules, and just trying to survive. After all,  she is Octavia Blake.


The Top Five OMGs From The Tinder Box

Clarke Saves Octavia


1.   The Burning Of Arkadia

Thanks to Ilian and his revenge towards tech, he burned down the Skaikru’s home, a home where they have manifested for nearly a century.  That may not seem like a long time, but when you only knew one home your whole life and felt safe.  Now that Skaikru has no place to live, where will they go?  Arkadia was the backup plan in case the Nightblood won’t  work out.  And what about their hope?  Will that diminish as well?  It was such a heartbreaking and tragic scene for Skaikru and Grounders alike.  I think that despite everything that they lost , they still have each other.  And that will be played out for the rest of the season.  The music composed during the scene was beautifully depressing, and almost had a “Titanic” feel to it.


The Top Five OMGs Of The Tinder Box

The Burning of Arkadia


Those were my picks for the top 5.  Pretty intense, am I right?  This Wednesday will be fresh new episode.  I am pretty damn hyped about it. ?

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