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The Top 5 OMGs From We Will Rise

by Evelyn Ulrich
Top 5 OMG's from We Will Rise

There were so many ups and downs that it was one crazy ride.  Yet, I want to ride it again!  There were also some very climatic moments.  Do you want to know what they are?  Continue on for the Top 5 OMGs from We Will Rise!  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


The Top 5 OMG’s From We Will Rise


5.  Luna And Murphy Share A Moment

Luna shares her personal background and pressures to Murphy.  She tells him that growing up as a Nightblood, it was expected of her to be violent and malicious.  When Luna fought in the Con-Clave, she killed her brother.  It has traumatized her, and so she began a new peaceful life, aiding others who also wanted it.  Luna believes that Murphy wants to heal and find inner peace, so that he can better himself.  after all, he did help Adria and Raven. So Murphy is not such a bad vibe after all.  However, he does make a clarified point:  “It’s the fighters that survive.”


Top 5 OMG's From We Will Rise


4.  Bellamy’s Cut-off

I am really enjoying the beautiful and well developed relationship of Bellamy and Clarke this season.  It has everything a perfect partnership should have, and I am hoping that the slow burn continues.  I just don’t see either one jumping into a relationship now, especially when they have to save their people. Yet, when Bellamy tried to voice something if they did not see one another again, Clarke cut him off.  So, he did not get to say what he wanted.  But, what was it that Bellamy wanted to say to her?  I may have an idea, but perhaps Clarke was right about interrupting him.  When you have so much on your plate already, you should sort out feelings later.  But, it will also give a shot of confidence and more determination to try to save everyone.


Top 5 OMGs From We Will Rise


3.  Reclaiming the Hydrazine

Those warring Grounders again!  Raven needs every single drop of the jeweled hydrazine to blast off into space and concoct the Nightblood.  However, Roan’s guard duty decides to betray him, Bellamy, and Clarke and try to take off with the stuff.  Thanks to Roan’s quick thinking, he manages to get back the barrels.  He does have to kill his guard in the process and put up a good fight.  Also, just how awesome was Roan’s leap from the Rover to the truck?  It was a dangerous risk, but thanks to that, the hydrazine is reclaimed!


Top 5 OMGs From We Will Rise


2.  We Have A Problem Here

Just when we all felt that it was safe to celebrate the survival of everyone, another snag hit.  When checking out the barrels, one had an arrow pierced right through it.  It was also completely empty.  Which means that hydrazine was lost, and Raven cannot go into space.  Roan surmised that it was Trikru that had done the deed.  But knowing that Trikru are allies with Skaikru, and want to survive the wave, why would they want to do something like that?  It does not add up to me, and I would like to know why.  Maybe Roan is hiding something, but I hope not, as I am acquiring a liking to the guy.  I guess we will soon find out.


Top 5 OMGs From We Will Rise


1.  The Recollection Of Lincoln

Octavia is certainly turning a dark leaf this season, and it is intense.  She wants to have Ilian for her kill, for the burning of Arkadia.  Just when Octavia is going to execute him, Kane tells her that she will be doing it in the exact same fashion as Pike.  It will not make her any better than he would have been, and the memories of Lincoln being killed come flooding back.  Octavia relives the moments, and drops the gun.  She does not kill Ilian as she knows Kane is right, and does not want to be affiliated with Pike.  I am going to guess that this will make Octavia even more traumatized.  She runs off, and when or if she comes back will be a question.


Top 5 OMGs From We Will Rise


Those were my picks for the Top 5 OMG’s from “We Will Rise.”  What where your favorite moments?  And, do not forget that a new episode of The 100, entitled “Gimme Shelter,” will air tonight on the CW.

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