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The 100 We Will Rise Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 We Will Rise

My previous review consisted of highlighted bullet points and was brief.  This time, the review is back in the traditional way, and I am quite pleased.  Here is the recap-review for The 100 We Will Rise.  *The following article will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


The 100 We Will Rise Recap-Review

We Are All In This Together

#406 Aired March 15, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich

What a joy ride We Will Rise was!  The very craft of The 100 was at its core tonight with the fighting, surviving, working together, and overall, going one step backyard.  Yeah, that happened.  These poor people don’t seem to catch a break.  And, they really need it!

Jasper is just a cheerful moron throughout the episode, and honestly, I just wanted to slap him some reality into his brain.  However, it is a contrast to have this cheerful character within the gloomy group.  To top it off, he quotes Dr. Seuss, “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” That just adds another layer of uneasiness in my opinion, and makes things that much more surreal and poignant.

Raven is still at the lab with Murphy, Luna, Jackson, and Abby.  She is experimenting with a simulated rocket flight, but has failed twenty-eight times.  She is discouraged, and takes her anger out on Murphy.  It may be the other side of Raven doing the damage, but Luna, the little miracle of the sea, calms and soothes her.  Raven tries again with the rocket, only this time she sets it manually, thanks to Murphy.  It is a success!  However, she does have a seizure at the end, and it appears to be a critical one.  Oh, can’t that poor girl get any peace?

Speaking of peace, Luna has a grasping talk with Murphy about how people treated her differently just because of her blood color.  She was sculpted to a life of violence and battle, and killed her brother in the conclave.  Since then, Luna wanted to escape that lifestyle (who can blame her?) and fled to the sea.  She believes Murphy wants to make peace within himself, (He did try to save Adria, and saved Raven from the drones.) but retorts, “I think peace is peace is overrated.  It’s the fighters that survive.”  It is true that we must fight to survive, but I also believe that you must some kind of peace to do so.  Harmon and Hilker did display quite a performance.

In Arkadia, Clarke is rising from her bed (We got a little Niylarke!) and she is preparing to start her day.  She is going to deliver ten barrels of hydrazine to the island with Bellamy and Roan.  It is not going to be an easy ride, but she is going to do whatever it takes for everyone to be saved.  Niylah tells her that Lexa would be proud of her, and that she lives on through Clarke. I think that accrediting Lexa this season has been applauding, and that she is forever entombed.  It really does not get any better than that, and the drawing of Heda had a nice touch.  Clarke also tells Niylah to stay so she can get some of the Nightblood.

Monty gives a full analysis of the damage of Arkadia, following its burndown.   There is no heat and running water, and half of the living facilities.  Using the station as a bomb shelter is gone, so the dependency of the Nightblood is stronger and more necessary than ever.  Bellamy and Roan are also going over last minute detail about the trip, and they need to do it precisely.

Octavia is still mad at Bellamy, and he is doing his hardest of trying to rectify their once iron bond.  Instead, Octavia dismisses him, and continues to block him out.   I hate to admit this, but I disliked Octavia in this one.  First off, she is just a bitch to everyone pretty much, and has this darkness just illuminating over her.  I get that losing Lincoln was a horrible ordeal, and no one should ever witness an execution, but taking your anger out on others will not bring him back.  A large part of this psychological makeup and development is that warriors cannot grieve, thus becoming numb to any degree of sadness.  When she was about to execute Ilian, Kane reminded her that was how Pike exactly executed Lincoln, and that she would be no better than he.  Feeling from the repressed memories (Where they really repressed though?), Octavia runs off.  Ilian is freed, and had the mob had it their way, they would have killed him.  Luckily, that did not happen.

To be truthful, I did not like Kane that much until he developed more in season two.  I thought he was a chivalrous, power-hungry ass.  Kane grew upon me, with his love for Abby, his redemption, and his other facets, he has truly evolved into an empathetic and sympathetic character.  In “We Will Rise, he has expanded that boundary.    Kane put a gun to his own people, to protect Ilian who was beaten up by the crowd.   He told Clarke that he’d like to go on the mission with her and Bellamy, but he must stay behind because he is needed.  Then, Kane gives Clarke advice on the trip.  Yet, the adorable thing was that his eyes lit up when Clarke stated that she would tell Abby that he sent his love to her.  How sweet!

A wild ride is the perfect sum up to describe the hydrazine transport.  Bellamy, Clarke, and Roan are on their way to the island in two rovers.  Clarke is driving the one with the ten precious barrels of hydrazine, and Bellamy and Roan are in the other.  Now, it is a fierce trip as they must toggle through tough terrains, warring clans, and getting there in time.  Clarke is taken hostage by the two Azgeda guards, and Bellamy and Roan must save her and the precious hydrazine.  Roan claims victory as he shoves one guard off the truck, and Bellamy got his when he makes a perfect shot through the truck’s window and kills the other guy.  It was a very close call when the two vehicles nearly collide with one another, and everything would have gone “ka-boom.” but Clarke stopped it in the nick of time.  Both Bellamy and Clarke gave one another happy and relieved glances.  Cue happy smile on myself. ?

Bellamy decided to go back to Arkadia with the Rover while Clarke continued to the island.  He tells Clarke that if they don’t see one another again. . . and he begins to finish, but Clarke cuts him off, stating that they will.  I wonder what he was about to say to her.  This will perplex me now.  I can only imagine that it was something important, or Clarke already knew, but cannot afford to be emotionally confused now.  See? I am destroying my brain.

Roan makes a grim discovery that they lost one of the barrels due to Trikru, who had killed Seiku earlier.  Hmmm, there is something that does not sit well with me on that.  Why would Trikru disturb their Allies, especially if it for their survival?  It does not ring true to me at all.  With one barrel gone, everyone is crushed, and so another plan might be thought out.  Damn, these poor people need a break occasionally.  If they did though, then their war for survival would be slowed.


That wraps my recap-review for We Will Rise.  Overall, another great episode as it had all the elements: Fighting, empathy, compassion, surviving.  The whole brew.

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