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The 100 Gimme Shelter Recap-Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Gimme Shelter

The recap-review for Gimme Shelter is here, and man, was it ever an interesting episode!  So much questioning of self-worth and lights of hope.  It was one of the more on point episodes of the season, and shadows some of the climaxes of past seasons.  Read on for the review of The 100 Gimme Shelter.  *The recap-review will contain spoilers from the episode.  Reader and viewer discretion is advised.*


The 100 Gimme Shelter Recap-Review

Survive, and We Can All Find Humanity Again

#407 Aired March 22nd, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


The title itself does not only reflect the refuge of seeking shelter from the radiation typhoons, but also emotional passage.   Everyone wants some sort of “shelter” casing them, whether it’d be for their emotions or a means of self-defense.  Just how many of us had done just that?  It is highly relatable for the majority, and there was not one single moment that we could not empathize.

Gimme Shelter (beautifully directed by Tim Scalin) not only delivered some phenomenal and captivating performances, but gave deeper and stronger character arcs.  The need to question one’s integrity and reasoning has been conveyed throughout the series, but it was especially witnessed in Gimme Shelter.  Just how far will someone go for their survival and others?  And, when your own survival is at risk, would you dare endanger another just so you can live?

We start with the fear of the black rains, and now that the storms have arrived, it is a truly terrifying ordeal.  Everyone is panicked and running to get inside.  Bellamy is naturally distraught over the absence of Octavia, but Kane assures him that she will be safe.  We see Octavia on her horse, with Ilian who followed her.  O is bitter about the grounder, but it passes for the moment as they seek shelter from the rains.  I will get back to these two in a few.

Back in Arkadia, people are rinsing and washing off the radiation, but Bellamy and Kane go out to rescue a man who has fallen whilst trying to get in.  He tried to reach to Harper, but failed to grab him in the midst.  Yet, he succumbs to his injuries and Harper gives comfort in his last moments.  There is a father and son trapped outside the safe confines of Arkardia, and while Bellamy decides to venture out to save Octavia (in the least protected hazmat suit), he figures that he should save Mark and his son.  This is a possible outlet to his overlying grief, and Bellamy is very willing to capture it.  Yet, another blow happens when the rover gets stuck in the mud, and Bellamy cannot get to them.  Then, the pleas of help turn to stone silence.  Kane tries to ease him over the radio, but that does not work.  The Blakes are known for pushing away others’ help, and drowning in pain.  There is someone though to help them out, and we see without the other person, the Blakes are lost.

Bellamy realizes that Octavia may not want to be saved, so he comes back to Arkadia empty-handed, and there is an edge to him now.  He is still Bellamy, and he is going to do whatever the hell it takes to save and help his people.  Hopefully the riff between him and Octavia will heal, and they can have that bond once again.  It will take time, but I believe that they’ll reunite.  It was just so disheartening that Octavia just hates his guts right now.

Octavia has some heat with Ilian (Both figuratively and literally), as they share a cave until the rain stops.  Ilian can peer into her soul, and believes that the person who Octavia was before the darkness is still there.    She shown sadness at when she was about to execute him, and even though Octavia denies it, he is right, and suddenly she releases all this pent-up emotion, and tries to kill herself in the rain.  Ilian rushes her out of there, and feels like they’re even.  Now, the two wind up have the most unbridled passion.  It was from the get go in the beginning, but I feel like it was a little rushed.  However, seeing them together, feeling free from the world and their problems, is sort of a relief for both.  I can’t say just how far Octilian will progress, but maybe it was for the better.  As a means of possibly giving up the violent lifestyle, Octavia throws her blades into the pool, and maybe having a fresh start.  Yet, she is fighting in later episodes with Grounder war paint, but maybe she is fighting for what is right.  I can only hope for this as I don’t like unnecessary violence, and it will be a downgrade for Octavia’s character.

The more interesting and darker narrative of Gimme Shelter is the dynamic of Emori.  Now, I love Emori for she is strong, determined, and does not let anyone screw around with her.  Unless, it is Murphy.  Well, Emori figures that she will become the “guinea pig” for the human trials of the Nightblood bone marrow.  She has good reason to, as the Skaikru has no attachment to her, except Murphy, and she knows that her days are numbered.  Until she does something about it.  Really does something about it.

Baylis breaks into the house where Clarke, Raven, Abby, Memori, and Jackson are staying, and steals food.  Emori decides to beat him up, saying that he had made her life a living hell, and wants to kill him.  Before she can get any further with Baylis, Clarke intervenes and stops her.  She said that they can put him to good use, and they decided to use Baylis for the bone marrow trials.  However, Emori used her very strong survival skills to very deceptive uses.  It turns out Baylis was not the man who abused Emori and her brother.  Thus, Emori has revealed this very reflective trait of hers that mirrors Murphy.  This two will do whatever it takes to survive and live to tell their tales.  Talk about the perfect match!

Speaking of the bone marrow trials, Abby was questioning whether to do so.  She spoke with Kane (Kabby moment!) and asked “If I take a life, to find a cure, does that make me a murderer?”  In my opinion, this is like Mt. Weather all over again, with the testing and experimenting.  And nobody was happy.  And Jasper kicked some major ass.  By the way, where is he?  Anyway, after Kane assures Abby that once they survive (If they survive), they’ll try to find humanity again.  Is a life worth it to sojourn the extinction of humanity?  Clarke doesn’t like the notion either, but it is a choice that have to make, integrity and values pushed aside.  It was decided then that Baylis would be the “guinea pig” and will take the place of Emori from being thrown in the oven.  Now, that is one solid and fierce survival skill.  You pretty much should shut down whole demeanor in order to do something like this.

The 100 is not known for luxury and happy moments, but for a few moments, Clarke revels in it.  Shortly after arriving at the house and sampling Murphy’s cooking, Clarke indulges herself in a hot shower, and lies down on the soft and gorgeous bed to rest.  She deserves it, after all she has been through and encountered.  It was a nice distraction to the chaos and how quickly one can take a simple thing like showering and resting for granted.  Clarke is interrupted when she hears a noise and exits the room to investigate.  Someone has smashed a window, and it was Baylis who done the deed.  We all know the fate of Baylis.

Gimme Shelter concludes with Baylis in the radiation chamber.  A chamber that was built by Becca to find a cure for cancer.  We will see how the trials will go.

It was a fantastic hour of television for me and had all the sharp turns and twists.

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