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The Top 5 OMGs From Heavy Lies The Crown

by Evelyn Ulrich
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Here it is!  Another edition of “The Top 5 OMGs!”  This time, I will be covering “Heavy Lies The Crown.”  See what I have chosen for the Top 5!  *Spoilers are included.  Continue at your own risk.*


5.  We Get IT….You ARE Riley

The 100 has certainly developed and transitioned some awesome and hardcore characters.  Yet, when Riley appeared, it seemed like all the others’ went obsolete.  At least, in my opinion.  So, who exactly is this Riley, and why did they make such a commotion about him?  For being a viewer since Day One, going back to 2014, I don’t recall any other character getting the attention.  Maybe Riley has a very special skill that could save them all, or he had a very important role back on the ARK.  Whatever the reason, we will get to see more Riley as season four continues.


The Top 5


4.  Bryan’s Song

This poor man seemed to be on the verge of a traumatic breakdown in “Heavy Lie The Crown.”  His once strong and, dare I say, incredible relationship with Miller is on the rocks, and it is very clear that the two are trying to reconcile.  But, Bryan is still on Pike’s side, even though he aided in handing him over to the Grounders to save Miller.  In addition as Bryan ventures out back to the crash site of Farm Station, and it brings out a bit of trauma.  When he and the rest of the Guard discovered that twenty-five people of theirs were enslaved by the Ice Nation, they put in a vote to use the generator to save them.  While the outcome is gray, innocent lives were saved.  Yet Bryan is still very much melancholy, and unfortunately, it will only progress worse.


The Top 5


3.  Ilian Has Arrived

One of the most promoted new characters this season has arrived.  His name is Ilian and is he from the Trishanakru (sp?) or the ‘Glowing Forest’ clan.  It it a ‘supposed’ peaceful one, but Ilian has some qualms.  He blames the Sky People for being under ALIE’s control and committing a very brutal familicide.  It is true that the Skaikru were responsible for bringing ALIE in, but wasn’t it his own free will to take the chip? Anyways, we may not have much of Ilian as he just made his first appearance in this episode.  That makes lots of room for growth and complexity for him.  Yet, something tells me that Ilian will be alright.


The Top 5


2.  Octavia’s Fiery Outlet

In a couple of recent interviews, Octavia will definitely be heading down a dark and destructive path this season.  In her full assassin mode, she will kill anyone who will hurt her or her loved ones.  We see a perfectly good example of this as Octavia kills the ambassador of Trishanakru so he does not fight with King Roan.  She does it so coldly and so emotionless that it kind of scares us that we see how her mind is unraveling.  Part of the reason for this transition is grief for Lincoln, as he was such a huge part of her life.  Without Lincoln, Octavia is trying to find her place in the world, something that she always hard trouble establishing.  Near the end of the season, she will do something with her brother Bellamy that they will agree on.  And that cape though!


The Top 5


1.   Clarke’s “Not Only We Will Survive, but Thrive” Speech

At Unity Days earlier this year, Eliza Taylor revealed that Clarke reflects both of her parents.  Whilst she is giving her speech, I can confirm that this is true.  While Clarke did lie, she did make valid points.  I would not exactly tell people that their life would be over in six months as it may cause bigger issues, but aiming help to increase the chance to survive might make it easier.  After Clarke’s speech, Raven did get more volunteers to help her, even though they do not know why.  There will be a time where the Arkadians will find out about the radiation, and I hope that it is sooner rather than later.


The Top 5



Those were my picks for The Top 5 OMG’s!  What were your favorite moments of “Heavy Lies The Crown?”  I have to say though as much as death happens on The 100, nobody really grieves.  That would be hard to do in reality though.

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