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The Top 5 OMGs From Echoes

by Evelyn Ulrich

The 100 season four premiere of “Echoes” came out with a huge bang.  It was the perfect combination of human connection, survival, and what makes The 100 its own unique form.  Yet, there were five key moments, or as I like to call them, “OMG’s,” in “Echoes.”  There are moments that stood out, and spiked the adrenaline.


The Top 5 OMG’s From “Echoes”

5.  Echo Takes Control

Talk about crashing into territory.  Echo was highly displeased with how Skaikru had handled everything.  In fact, this malicious warrior has Clarke in a death hold with her sword to her throat.  Until Roan can fully regain conscientiousness and a full recovery, Poils would be under Azgeda’s command.  It is causing massive tension between Skaikru and the other clans because the Ice Nation is not exactly the most friendliest of the clans.  But safe to say, Echo’s little takeover did not last very long.


4.  Roan Rises

The fate of King Roan was up in the air at the end of season three (Though announcing that Zach McGowan will be a series regular at Comic Con 2016 was a dead giveaway), and we did not know if Roan survived the bullet wound.  However, thanks to Clarke and Abby’s medical expertise, Roan is alive and quickly healed.  Just in the nick of time too, because Echo was getting ready to slice off Clarke’s head.  Yet, Roan is somewhat reluctant to hold the terms to the Skaikru due to the fact that they killed Ontari, and misguided his people into the City Of Light.  At the end, Roan recognizes Lexa’s vow to have Skaikru as the 13th clan in the coalition.  Any attack on Skaikru is an attack on all of us.  Not bad for the first order of the King.

3.  Realization 

When Raven breaks the bad news about not being able to stop the radiation wave, Monty and Harper are stunned.  Jasper on the other hand, takes it as an excuse to live it up.  He may have a point, as he had went through so much from the time they landed on earth to now.  It is not the best excuse as everyone suffered a great deal.  One of the hopes is that Raven and Monty can use both of their brilliant minds to think of something to stop the wave, or at least, delay it.  If not, then everyone will feel the radiation’s burning wrath.  I do have faith in Raven though as she did come up with a way to stop the radiation fog in season two, but then again, that was controlled.


2.  Clarke Professes Her Love For Lexa

A mother always knows when her child is in pain or anguish.  Trust me, whenever I try to hide my own pain, my mother always knows.  But back to the topic.  When Abby sees the sad look on Clarke’s face, she immediately knows what it is.  Clarke tells her mother that she loved Lexa, and it seems that everyone in the cell takes notice.  Some say that there was jealously, but I believe not. I think there was respect about it as everyone quietly knew about Clarke’s feelings, but respected them.  It was no wonder that in the beginning of the episode that Clarke would not hand over the Flame.  Who can blame her?  If the spirit of my significant other was inside a tiny AI, I would not give it up so easily either.  Lexa may be “gone,” but she is definitely not forgotten.


1.  What May Happen If No Action Is Taken

To signify on just how serious this radiation meltdown is, or the “Pramfaiya,”  we see a young girl being completed engulfed by it in the desert.  Now, that is something to take in consideration as the end of the world may be closer then we think.  Which means that everyone must find a safe haven if the want to survive.  Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to.  There will be a list regarding who will live and who will survive.  But, who will be on that list?  The very thought of anyone possibly dying is too heartbreaking, and whoever lives must have some serious gratification for their life.



I will not lie, I do enjoy the ‘toxic’ partnership of Bellamy and Echo.  They made have saved one another’s life, but for now they are at an indifference.  We will be seeing more of these two together this season, and I am looking forward to that.  Now that Skaikru is back in the coalition, they have to find a way to work things out, but trust is such a delicate thing.  One thing that cannot be denied though is the synchronicity of these two characters and how the actors portraying them bring them to vibrancy on screen.  That is not to dismantle the others’ performances as they just as awesome, but for me having one hot (Bellamy) character and cold (Echo) trying to work makes it realistic and satisfying.


That sums it up for this episode’s edition of The Top Five OMG’s.  See what I pick for “Heavy Lies The Crown” next time.  Did you have a favorite moment from “Echoes?”  Or did something really stick out for you?  Let Grounders Source know by leaving a comment below, or tweeting.

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