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Review Of The 100 A Lie Guarded

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 A Lie Guarded

Finally! Here is my review of The 100 A Lie Guarded.  I do apologize for the lateness of the piece, but work got the better of me as well as personal medical appointments.  However, I do hope that it answers some questions that swirled, and give you a better understanding of the episode.  If you use snippets, please give credit! *Be aware that the review will contain spoilers.  Continue at your own risk.*


The 100 “A Lie Guarded” Recap-Review

A Lie Will Only Expand

Aired February 22nd, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


The 100 proved to be time and time again brutalizing, intense, feeling-grabbing, with just a smidge of tenderness.  A Lie Guarded opened some well-meaning conflicts, and finding the best answer for time with the given circumstances.  However, though, not everyone is thrilled though.  But in a time-crunching crisis, happiness is limited.

Despite his behavior and actions (Though intense psychological trauma can be partly to blame) in the past, Jaha is proving to be more and more essential to the narrative this season.  And a little bit hilarious, which is abstract to a dark series.  Jasper literally “floated” Jaha as a prank, and I just had to laugh as it was an ingenious twist to the word.  Jaha has been pretty much been a helping hand to Clarke this season by giving her leadership guidance.  Clarke happens to be a great leader, trying her best for her people. But even great leaders and young ones at that, make mistakes.  Jaha’s idea of a life lottery where everyone has an equal chance of winning a chance at survival by the amount of work that they do.  I don’t know about having a draw-out for your life, but this is just another example on just how dyer this apocalypse is.

One of the more pivotal elements of “A Lie Guarded” is Jasper’s instability.  During a practice drill of black rain, he decided to act like a total, well, someone who is not well.  While most shadow mental illnesses, The100 has a way of portraying it in a realistic essence.  While most viewers believe that Jasper is just an annoying and draining aspect, I think the opposite.  With all that he had gone through since day one, the odds are that he may develop some sort of illness.  So, it makes absolute sense for his behavior.  It is very unnerving to watch, but it is also very real.

Discovering “The List” after pulling the prank on Clarke (Another light-hearted ploy), Jasper and Monty find out that they are not on it.  Angry and hurt, they went to find Clarke, and Monty is just livid with her.  He advises that Clarke should tell people the truth, and maybe they’ll understand.  She decides not though, and Monty reads the list over the loudspeaker.   Everyone is naturally upset, as the Chosen would be to benefit the future years.  Harper is not one of the Chosen, as she might inherit an illness from her father.   Thusly, she is condemned.   That is when Jaha steps in with the lottery idea.  Methinks that may not bode well, but who knows?

The voyage on a small boat heading to Becca’s lab on an island has to be successful.  Abby (the radio conversation with Kane was just so cute!), a handful of the delinquents, Luna, Emori, and Nyko, and Jackson has come along.  You know what they say, everything is stronger in numbers pretty much.  And Luna must come along of course.  Yet, there some crazy security protocols protecting that island.  There are some drones whirring every which way, shooting deadly bullets.  Everyone is dodging them, and trying to take them down.  While protecting Luna, Nyko gets shots by one of them.  Oh no!  Why Nyko?  It seems like the peaceful Grounders, and there are only a few of them, get some sort of unjustifiable death.  But, now that I really ponder it, anyone who has died on the show has not had a justified death.  This excludes Cage Wallace though because his was a symbolism that meant Mt. Weather was a living nightmare that ended.  It also symbolizes the deaths of other people in reality who used evil and died for it.  But, contrary to the fact, my own personal beliefs on the subject is that I do not believe in the death penalty.  But, as far as I acknowledged, the only examples of the death penalty that was displayed on the show was the hanging of Murphy and Cage.

With Nyko gone, Luna I virtually alone, and even before she stepped foot on the island, she questions her alliance with Skaikru.  Are they only interested in her because of her blood?  The key to possible salvation and survival?  Raven made it very clear that was not the case, but her blood can be hope for the children.  Luna stays, and Raven expresses that her blood doesn’t define her as a person, but her heart.

Meanwhile, Emori is very apprehensive about staying on the island, and she wants out with Murphy.  As much as Murphy wants too, he is needed.  He trusts Abby, and trust is something that is very hard to come by for him.  Plus, he did save Raven and she dwindles her hatred down a little bit for Murphy at the effect.  This had to be a very tough thing for her to do, given her history with Murphy.  Yet, if they want to survive, they must reach an agreement.  After reprogramming the main drone, (So many of them dancing in the sky, I nearly had an anxiety attack.), the rest go dead so no more blasting and shooting can occur.  Jackson did get shot in the bicep, but he is alright thanks to Abby’s help.  They finally find the lab, and it is an impressive site!  Computers, vials, analyzations, beakers, burners, texts.  It is a scientist dream come true!  A fun and interesting fact about Becca’s lab that it was influenced and designed after the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.  Anyways though, hopefully, Becca was intelligent enough to store more Nightblood in the refrigerated vials.

Octavia, Octavia, Octavia.  This warrior seems not to listen to the word, “No.”  While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be in her case.  Kane gave Octavia the “Talk” advising her and telling her not to kill any innocent people.  In her defense, she done it to keep Roan on the throne, and to protect Indra.  She is still in grief, and to her justice and vengeance are the same thing.  Kane unfortunately dismisses her from security detail, and orders her home.

Roan is getting restless (I liked him, and now my opinion is shifting.) about the Praimfaya and the solutions about saving everyone.  Kane tries to tell the King that Abby will find the solution, that they need to trust her.  Aww, I just love when Kane puts his faith in Abby.  Echo, who brings in Bellamy and another man I tied and gagged, does not believe him.  Roan does not either, and declares the Skaikru/Trikru/Azgeda alliance has been broken, and announces war.  Bellamy and Kane are now prisoners.

Octavia must get back to Arkadia and tell everyone that Azgeda is planning to attack.  She finds out the information in a most brutal way., She heads to her birthright on Helios, determined to make it first.  But, there is a bump in the path, or rather, an Azgeda warrior.  Echo!  She instructs O to come with her alive, but Octavia refuses.  And, does she ever!  Echo and Octavia engage in an elaborate sword fight.  They are clinking their swords and doing this fancy footwork.  It seems like Octavia has the upper hand, but Echo, maybe because she has more experience and practice, makes a stab into Octavia’s side.  Thus, O loses the fight, and falls backwards over the cliff.  Before I address this, let me just say that Echo looked sad when she believed that Octavia died.  I think that it has a lot to do with Bellamy.  As vicious and vile as she is to him, she still deep down, cares.  She knows that Octavia is the most important person in the world to him, and upon seeing her “death,” she will know that this will crush him.  Now, to that fall.  There has been a lot of questions regarding on how anyone can survive that fall with a stab injury.  It is probable that you can survive something like that.  Although we did not see the complete fall onscreen, my best theory is that Octavia made it completely into the water back first, and did not hit any crags along the way.  This is a very slim chance, but it can happen.   Velocity of the wind can play a big factor as well, as t can propel you in different directions.  I can’t be certain whether the wind had a high force because we didn’t see Octavia fall.  Judging by the trees though, the wind was in her favor. She made her body go limp, which will soften injuries, and dog-paddled, though weakly to shore.  As for the stab, Octavia must have been hit in the hip, missing vital organs by the centimeter, or the arteries.  It was a careless stab in my opinion, as I know the stab will not kill you, but blood loss.  It did not seem to be bleeding very profusely while she was standing, and the water decreased potential major blood loss. Octavia is injured and weak, but she can get back on her horse who was at the bottom at the cliff (She must have found a trail to the water to get down there.) and tells her to take her home.  The question is:  Will she make it in time?

In the cell, Kane is comforting Bellamy, and they will get through this.  Roan and Echo enter the cell and tell them that they will take over Arkadia for Praimfaya.

‘Not if Octavia gets there first,” Bellamy said.  The two Ice Nation rulers glance at one another, and Echo tells him almost remorsefully about her death, dropping her sword for emphasis.  This completely breaks Bellamy, and his heart has been shattered into a trillion pieces.  Plus, his emotional delivery was raw, ripping, and real.  My own heart suffered the same, and I felt nothing but pure sympathy for him.  After all, he had practically raised her himself since birth, and even though that they had their disagreements as all siblings do, she is the most important person to him.  So, it truly broke my heart to see Bellamy in that predicament.  I have no other words to fully explain his grief, but it was horrible.  Still in ruins, Roan and Echo escort them out so they can take them with them to Arkadia to use as “sacrificial lambs.  Oh, the ruthlessness of it all!


That covers my recap-review for A Lie Guarded.”  This episode had everything, and grasped every emotion and made me really think.  I loved all the performances, the tension, and arcs as each actor truly captured their character and made them come alive.

And. . . .one fine example of a superior performance.


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