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Heavy Lies The Crown Recap And Review

by Evelyn Ulrich
Heavy Lies The Crown

Although it is a wee bit late, I have completed the review for “Heavy Lies The Crown.”  As I am getting more and more perceptive into my natural gift of writing, I realized that each review or piece that I create here or anywhere has to be immaculate.  Okay, I will stop right there, knowing that is not why you came here.  You came to read the review.  *Bear in mind that all recap-reviews contain spoilers.  Continue at your own risk.*

The 100 “Heavy Lies The Crown” Recap/Review

May Its Weight May Not Crush You

Aired February 8, 2017

Evelyn Ulrich


Last week’s The 100 season four premiere was so excellent that it would be impossible to top.  Well, since I cannot choose between “Echoes” and “Heavy Lies The Crown,” they were both equally fantastic.  This recap is for the latter, and man, did I get my little fangirl mode on.

One of the most anticipated new characters was debuted tonight in a real brutal flashback set in a seemingly peaceful setting with sheep.  I am talking about Illian, who was chipped and was massacring his entire family.  ALIE was right there beside him, giving him orders so that he can break his mother.  Yet, before he could do her next thing, ALIE is deactivated by Clarke (not seen on screen), and he realizes his actions.  Ilian falls beside his dying mother, and she tells him to avenge her death.   He leaves out a scream after she passes.  This was a great introduction to Chai Romruen’s character.  The way that Ilian delivered with such hatred and anger toward Skaikru really evoked this character’s vast possibilities.  Will Ilian continue on the path of his vendetta, claiming that all members of Skaikru are “bad?”  Or will he soften, realizing that there are good ones?  The sad thing about Ilian is that he comes from a supposedly peaceful clan named  Trishanikru, and to have him be a polar opposite makes it that much more complex.  Yet, I am in anticipation for his development and progression this season.

In Polis, Abby and Kane are just ‘snoozling’ each other up, but Abby is wondering if she is being unfaithful to her late husband Jake.  Kane tells her that Jake will always be a part of her as she looks at her wedding band necklace.  Later, when she is with Kane again, (then splits to go to Arkadia to be with Clarke) the necklace is not with her, and I think that this is a symbol that it is time to move on.  They do make such a cute couple, despite the fact that these two butted heads in the first two seasons.

Roan is not fully healed from his bullet wound, and he makes a fight deal with the Trishanikru ambassador, Rafel.  He is just as displeased as Ilian with the sky people.  He is obstinate when Kane tries to coerce him out of the fight with Roan.  However, both Octavia and Kane know that Roan will die if he fights with Rafel.  So, Octavia tries one last resort to talking him out of it, and when he refuses, she stabs him in the ear.  This was a death that was easily manipulated to make it appear natural.  Additionally, it was the first step into Octavia’s dark journey.  Killing is what she does best, without feeling.  It is rooted back to her traumatizing childhood on the ARK, and for grief.  But, at least Roan does not have to worry about this battle.

Speaking of battles, Echo was one tough gal in “Heavy Lies The Crown.”  Both figuratively and literally.  She practicing the sword fighting with Roan delivered such finesse and flow that it should be on an ancient Roman battlefield.  She also has the upper hand over the injured Roan, and this is conclusive that he hadn’t a surviving chance with Rafel.  In addition, Echo finds out the truth about why Azgeda became allies with Skaikru, and she is very skeptical.  I can’t blame her, given her background and upbringing.  To seek out the truth about Praimfaya, she is headed to Arkadia.  Oh, with her in Arkadia, it might be nothing but trouble.

In Arkadia, the gang is trying their damnedest to tackle the radiation problem.  We also see more Bryan and scope out his interior character.   We learned that the only reason why Bryan was behind the Pike/Grounder dilemma was to save Miller.  Otherwise, he would’ve gone with that dictator of a chancellor.

Meanwhile, Raven is frantically going on full princess mechanic throttle as she is desperate for volunteers to help her rebuild the ship.  Now that Sinclair is gone (Not over this!) Raven has to take over as the chief, and this is a role that she will greatly accommodate to, and I have  a hunch that she’d and Clarke would become competitors.  Let’s see if I am correct on this theory.

Thanks to Monty, he has the brilliant idea of patching up Alpa station and using the hydrazine generator to wait out the wave.  This is how people survived 97 years earlier during the first nuclear war.   The only problem with this is that the generator is still inside Farm Station in the Ice Nation territory.  The guard, along with Bellamy embark on the dangerous mission to the now dilapidated Farm Station, and it is a traumatizing ordeal for Bryan.  Remember, this was the clan who brutalizing killed most of the Farm Station citizens, and he was a witness to it.  However, they’re captured by Ice Nation who are living in the ruins of the ship, and after they gain access inside, they discover that twenty-five survivors of Farm Station are enslaved.  Now, this was something that I was not expecting.  Slavery in a world where our past successfully abolished it?  Maybe no history books survived the war, but nonetheless, it was quite disturbing.  Yet, among the slaves is a young guy named Riley.  Throughout the rest of the episode, there is this “Riley” craze.  So, just who the hell is this Riley fella?  It seems like he just popped and poofed out of nowhere. No background on him, no scenery of him in prior seasons, or not even a sentence about hin until now.  So, which prompts the question: “Who is Riley?”  I guess we will soon find out.  Anyways, the generator is found, and instead of bringing it back to Arkadia like originally planned, they use it as a distraction to free the twenty-five people.  It was decided on a vote, with Bellamy giving in last.  Now, he is not the blame for this, nor is he to be praised.  I do think that people would have this in a frenzy if he voted the opposite.  There has to be a logical reason of why use the generator to save twenty-five, and not use it at Arkadia where nearly everyone can be saved.  Among the saved is Riley.  Everyone seems to know him, including Clarke as he hugged her when they got back to Arkadia.  But, we know NOTHING!  So again, who is Riley?!

As Clarke and Raven find out about the generator, they are not exactly thrilled.  In Bellamy’s defense though, he does not want to lose any more innocent lives.  I believed that he learned his lesson hard from last season, and is still feeling the guilt.  By the way, it just melts my heart to see Bellamy with children.  Anyways, without the generator, Raven is given a lot more work to do because without the generator, no more than 100 people can be saved.  Earlier, Clarke and Jaha had a discussion on how Jaha had to be the chancellor  (Before, he was an engineer.  This tool will be vital this season for Jaha.) that he was back on the ARK.  While it still does not make Clarke happy that he floated her father (I would not be either), she understands why he did what he did.  I thought that this was an important outlook on Jaha’s character, and maybe he is ingraining Clarke with his leadership skills.  This may hold true, at least in my own perspective, as Clarke announces the Raven will need volunteers to help her work on the ship, and if they all work together, they’ll not only “survive, but thrive.”  Except, Clarke left out the part that a nuclear apocalypse is coming.  I am going to provide my viewpoint on this.  I think that it was the right thing to do as if she’s told them, then chaos and panic will arise, affecting everyone’s ability to function and think.  Therefore, it will make things worse.  Sometimes, it is best to try how to figure out how to get over the radiation, and once you get that down, then share the news.  Either way though, people are going to figure out that there is a wave headed straight towards them, and what will happen when they do?   I have not the slightest, but I am getting the feeling that things may not play out so well.  Or maybe, it will be the reverse.

The lightness of “Heavy Lies The Crown” is Jasper.  The guy is living it up and seems absolutely carefree and ignorant about having six months to live.  This could be a façade, cleverly disguised so that no one can know his true feelings and what he is is really thinking.  Lots of people with mental illness as a ploy to hide themselves.  Perhaps, Jasper has lost all hope in life and is using the short time to do the things that he has not done, or wants to really have its excess.  This seems likely, as many people who have only a short period to live do the living to the absolute fullest.  Then, with that, they go.  Now, this is just a theory, and while it may ring true, it does not reflect if it is going to happen.  I do feel sorry for Jasper because it seems that earth treated him badly from the first day, and he just wants his own peace of mind.

All-all, “Heavy Lies the Crown” proved to be phenomenal in every aspect.  On The 100, choices and decisions are not to be taken lightly as the wrong one can disrupt the order of things, and everyone’s life can be in danger.  As we seen all of the choices laid out, and how they were executed, we know that there is a reason, a motive for them.  Whatever the reasons are, the people will go on the path to follow their choices.  It may be the key to unlocking the door to their escape or lead them into a fiery hell.

Before I conclude, here are some highlights to “Heavy Lies The Crown:”

  • The Kabby sex scene was just plain adorable.
  • The shower scene with Monty and Jasper reminded us just how close these two are.
  • Lots of Bellamy and Clarke leadership moments
  • I loved how Lexa was mentioned, as she is still a presence although she is not visible.
  • Raven stepping it up and being very outspoken.
  • Ilian and Riley
  • We are actually witnessing Octavia’s dark path unfold.
  • Echo’s theme by Tree Adams. I hope that there’s a soundtrack.
  • Bellamy with that cute little girl.
  • Roan wanting to be a good king, despite some disagreements.
  • Monty NOT individually killing the man who murdered his father. This shows a great depth of his character.  Yet, killing off all the other Azgeda members was somehow bittersweet.
  • Clarke showing both reflections of her mother and father when she was giving the “Not Only We’ll Survive, But We’ll Thrive” speech. Although she did lie, there was a reason why she did.
  • Bryan and Miller expressing real- life couple problems. Uh-oh.
  • Octavia’s cape
  • Jaha having a sense of reality, and knowing just hard being a leader is even though it is not in his hands anymore.
  • Kane still being “We Are the Thirteen Clans” ambassador. Which, if you look carefully, it may not seem that way now.

With that, I close.  But fear not, “The Four Horsemen” is next up.  I am already at the draft boards.

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