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Analysis Of The 100 Season Four Poster

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Season Four Poster

The 100 season four poster was revealed on Monday, and it deserved all of its glory.  If it were a person, I’d marry it.  (Just saying)  After a few days of careful and precise scanning, I have found some things that may interest or surprise the oblivious.  Here is my analysis of The 100 season four poster.


I have counted five prominent clues in the poster, and additional observances.

1.  Death Is Foreseen

The very first thing that I have noticed was the “skull” formation in the smokey clouds.  We all know that death is shadowing everyone, but this key aspect proves just that.  Whether the skull is representing a certain fate for one of the seven featured characters on the poster, or another lead, or side,  it still a very horrifying concept.   Yet, let us hope that everyone will survive and we do not have to go through a grieving process.

The 100 Season Four Poster


2.  Is Love Going To “Rise?”

Among the ashes and flames, is the skewed shape of a heart.  And it is floating between the Blake siblings.  Octavia will be on a fueled assassin mission due to the death of Lincoln.  She will use her violent ways to mourn.  But, it was also mentioned in a series of press that she will experience a new love.   We would have to wait and see though.  As for Bellamy, he had a number of one-night stands in season one, season two he had no relationship status (As far as I know), and season three, Bellamy had a short term with Gina until her death.  So, will Bellamy have love in the fourth season?  It could be Clarke, could be Echo, could someone else. (Did I throw out spoilers?)  Whoever it may be though, Bellamy deserves happiness. For the rest of the gang, I hope that their present relationships are fruitful.

The 100 Season Four Poster


3.  Radiation Rain Is In The Forecast

The rain will be coming, but don’t expect it to hydrate your garden and your furry yard friends.  Instead, this particular rain will radiate and burn everything and everyone in its path.  Where can you go with radiation rain? Except indoors?  How will everyone relocate to the place where only 4% is habitable?  And, not everyone will be going.  However, the rain also looks like a small group of stars.   Maybe heading up back into space will be an option.  Then, everyone will be back at the beginning.


The 100 Season Four Poster


4.   Arkadia Might Not Be Home Anymore

First, it was the handcrafted camp that the Delinquents constructed back in season one.  Everyone was helping out with everything, regardless if the kids and Bellamy got along.  They nearly left due to the conflict of the Grounders, and to stop the war, they ignited them.  Shortly after, many were located to Mt. Weather, but not for hospitality and homage, but for forced bone marrow transfusions.  While in Arkadia, some of the kids were reunited with their parents, but it was difficult letting go of their leadership roles.  Now in the poster, their home is being ravaged by the apocalypse. In order to survive, and find a new safe haven, they must find common ground and work together.  But in the trailers, there are more conflicts then compromises.  Now that I think about it, this makes me more grateful for my bed and Garfield pillow cases.

The 100 Season Four Poster


5.  Clarke Is Bearing The Weight

Poor Clarke.  The girl can’t seem to catch a break.  Ever since she landed on the ground with The 100, she became the defacto leader.  On the course, everything that she has done was for the benefit of her people.  It did leave a few remorses and letdowns, but in the process, we learn from them. In the first half of season three mostly, she was on her own, leaving everyone with their own demises.  You can’t really blame her, after all she has been through?  At least, I don’t.  In the second half, despite a few challenges, and a huge reality check, Clarke became a stronger leader.  But what about this time?  Has Clarke safely lead her people out of the storm?  In the poster, she is center-front watching the flames engulf Arkadia in the distance. Although we cannot see Clarke’s expression, we can imagine that it is despaired and sad.  Maybe Clarke has done the very best that she could do.   If anything though, this apocalypse might just make her more resilient and determined.  We will soon see where the journey will forgo.

The 100 Season Four Poster

Other focal points

Where are the adults?  Where are Abby, Jaha, and Kane?  Are they lost in the blazes, or stepped down to let the kids take over and decide everyone’s fate?  Maybe the perspective will be shifted from the Delinquents if the adults were present.  The show is mainly focused on the kids, and it may harm the overall feel.

Is this the end?  Maybe it is and maybe it is not, but for the most part, we all have an idea that everyone wants to live.  However, not everyone will. Whether or not they deserve to survive, is completely up to them.

The poster is both dark and light.  In the real world, we have plenty of light and dark moments.  On The 100, it represents the show in that element.   It is just a part of life, and we should make the best of it.  There may be a nuclear apocalyptic storm a-brewing, but there is still hope and the will to live.  We just have to sometimes push ourselves to find that hope, and whatever storms we come across, we have to fight and get over them.  Otherwise, we won’t see what future we will have if we give up.

Lastly, this is a glorious poster with so much impact.  It also symbolizes of what could happen if we are irresponsible with earth.

What did you see in the poster?  What observations did you make?

The 100 will air its fourth season February 1st on the CW.

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