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Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

by Evelyn Ulrich

There were a lot of hardcore and very sinister edges in The 100 season four trailer.  Each one more gripping than the next.  Yet, I found thirteen gasps that really struck out.  What were they?  Well, go find out!  Please note that these are speculations, not official spoilers.


13.  Grace the fans With A New Face

New recurring cast member Chai Hansen (Romruen) has been confirmed months ago for the new season, yet in the trailer, we finally get a peek of his character Ilan.  According to his character description, he will be dealing with the dire consequences of being in the “City of Light.”  From the perspective, Ilan appears to be angry with a loss that maybe he unintended.  Yet, it could a number of many things.  After the shock and grief, how will Ilan cope?  But, he looks cool with facial tattoos.


12.  Abby+Kane=Kabby+fans=Happiness and Living

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

No, it is not a real mathematical equation, but you do have to admit, it is correct.  There has to be some extent of happiness in a bleak world, and Abby and Kane try to preserve that.  After all they have been through with everything, it is a breath of fresh air.   They may have butted heads in the past, but that is all and done with.  So, does this mean we will get more Kabby?  That love could prevail?  In the footage, it is apparently so, and it is beautiful.

11.  Pray To the Flame

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

The Flame, a tiny chip with an infinity symbol that holds all of the past Commanders spirits is the lock and key to the Grounder world.  There is a young girl who is doing a religious ritual to the Flame and worshipping it.  The possibility of her being a “Nightblood,” just scares me a little.  It scares me because I really do not want anyone else to take Lexa’s place as Heda.  Maybe it is because I loved Lexa for all the good she did, despite the betrayal, or I did not know any other commanders before her.  What an interesting concept though.  To see a commander before her, and how they ruled their people.  Anyways, the Flame will be an essential part of the season.

10.  Jasper Finally Looks Happy?

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

Jasper has never been totally happy, and when he does show true exuberance, it was for his love, Maya.  Last season, we witnessed Jasper suffering severely PTSD (Major snaps for Devon Bostick’s performance) and was drinking himself into a stupor.   Yet, seeing Jasper smile represent someone who had to overcome something tragic (Who has not though?) and now just to “live”, despite the obvious new danger.  Well, maybe Jasper deserves a tinge of happiness.

9.  Roan Takes the Reign (Well, Not Quite)

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

Newly succeeded King Roan of Azgeda has helped the delinquents overtake ALIE and was left with “Status Unknown” last season.  Now with Echo persuading Roan that he can be even bigger than his mother, Queen Nia and Ontari, and “rule everything.”  He is looking like he is deeply contemplating it.  He would not just be the King of Azgeda, but perhaps of the other Grounders and Skaikru.  Maybe he will be a good king, and not turn his back.  This is a tossup as we all know what the power can do.

8.  Memori Is A Must

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

Speaking as an openly physically disabled woman, I am very glad that there is a strong romance between Emori, a “disabled” female and Murphy, a nice-looking guy who does not give a damn.  Representation, where disabilities should be open, but not differential, is quite uncommon, if there is any in media.  This is one of the aspects that makes The 100 unique.  Together Murphy and Emori are strong supporters of one another, have a great love, and seem to be truly connected.  Sure, they may have come from different sides, but that is benign.

7.  Jaha Has A Makeover

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

What the hell did Jaha do to his head?  Perhaps the shaved head is representing a new lease on life.  Jaha is probably going to go through a lot of painful regrets for harming a lot of people last season with ALIE.  Hopefully, he will protect and watch over his people like he had done in season one.  Even then though, he was on the brink of losing it.  I think Jaha entered the “City of Light” because he was in great grief of losing his son, Wells.    Since Jaha now can feel real, what will his guilt be?  And will he be able to forgive himself?

6.  Mourn the Loss, Yet Always Remember

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

It is very tragic to lose a loved one and very difficult to bury them and place them at peace.  With the nuclear radiation, and maybe another conflict with Azgeda, there will be more attended funerals.  Who will the souls be?  What are their stories?  I know that the show has a very strong death aspect, but we all have a story, a life that needs to be share.  Otherwise, what is the point of living?

5.  Octavia: Floor Girl, Sister, Lover, Warrior, Assassin?

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

One of the more spectacular character transformations is Octavia Blake.  Here was a meek little girl who lived under the floor for most of her childhood.   Her older brother Bellamy tried to protect her and watch over as best as he knew how, but one slip-up got her locked up.  As soon Octavia landed on the ground with the rest of The 100, she had the freedom that she longed for.  She grew favored of the Grounder culture and trained to be a warrior under Indra’s wing.  She had a few romances, but her ultimate love was Lincoln.  After losing him, Octavia became very aggressive and vengeful.  But she killing Pike didn’t help.  In fact,  Octavia will go down an even darker path, and *may* be a part of the Trikru clan. It was noted in the season four trailer Roan stated to Indra that Octavia is becoming “Skairippa” or killer from above.  With that, it is quite fearful that she will become even more lost.

4.  Niylah Has Returned

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

Fan favorite Niylah has returned!  The last time we have seen Niylah was when she gave up her delinquent wristband to use on Raven.  She had a sexual encounter with Clarke and had protected her from being caught.  Niylah was beaten up by an Azgeda warrior for not sharing Clarke’s whereabouts.  Although Bellamy saved her life from the warrior, he orders her to stay back while his friends help Raven.   Since then, we were left wondering whether or not Jessica Harmon will reprise the role.  Fans are speculating that Niylah and Octavia are going to romantically involved as seen in the trailer, giving them the ship name “Niytavia.”  It is a possibility, as who to love makes no difference, but we will have to wait and see!

3.  When It Rains, It’ll Burn

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

Nobody likes getting caught in a rainstorm.  It is wet, cold, a pain in the ass, and not fun. Unless you are that guy singing in the film “Singin’ in the Rain.”  But getting caught in black acid radiation rain is guaranteed to be infinitely worse.  So, why is Bellamy trudging through it in a hazmat suit?  Who is he trying to save?  He did say in the trailer that he did not want to harm or kill any more innocent people.  Perhaps this is part of his redemption process for the things he had done last season.  I always did enjoy Bellamy as he is a layered and complex character.  I believe that Bellamy will become a true hero.

2.  The Final Meltdown Or Final Chance To Survive?

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

The meltdowns of the last remaining nuclear reactors were revealed in Perverse Instantiation Part Two as Clarke was deactivating ALIE.  The season three finale closed with everyone getting back to “normal”and Clarke telling Bellamy that they haven’t saved the world.  Did I mention that everyone (Grounders, Skaikru, whoever else) has only a short time to live, to seek out that livable 4% of the earth?  Well, they do, and it is a very scary predictament.  It was also speculated that why this was noticed now, and not in prior seasons.  For example, how come it was not seen in space, or Mt. Weather?  My theory is that it was very slowly dissapating, and now in the final moments, it just blew.  Now, to be truthful, I am no scientist when it comes to nuclear measures and fissions.  But it does seem probable.  It will be difficult to beat the upcoming apocalypse.

“Do You Still Have Hope?”  “We’re Still Breathing”

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

Hope is quite a substantial point on The 100.  It is what keeps us going and do better.  Nobody ever lost it on the show, despite the very dangerous circumstances.  Now, here is a very interesting tidbit.  Bellamy and Clarke will be in contact with one another in the first episode.  This hasn’t happened since the pilot.  It seems like they will be both be working together again to focus on the fate of their people.  Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship (Don’t shoot me, I am neutral) always has been a little rocky, but the outcome of their choices have been in light for their people.  There were innocence lost as they had to irradidate Mt. Weather, and I believe that the both of them will not get over that.  So, will Bellamy and Clarke find a way to save everyone once again?  Or, will they lose that ribbon of hope?

Bonus:  And Clarke This Is Not a Good Look For You

Thirteen Key Gasps From The 100 Season Four Trailer

That is a creepy new look.

Andd in case that you missed it, here is the way spectaculor trailer!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BDvcdlyNZo[/embedyt]

What were your favorite highlights from the trailer?  What scared you the most?

The 100 season four will air Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 on the CW at 9/8 CT.  The first episode will be entitled, “Echoes.”

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