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The 100 Season Four Trailer Drops Tomorrow

by Evelyn Ulrich
The 100 Season Four Trailer Drops Tomorrow

The wait is nearly over for the long-awaited The 100 season four trailer.  In fact, it drops tomorrow!

The 100 Writers (God bless them) on Twitter this evening made it official: The 100 season four trailer drops tomorrow!  And, just in case you needed proof:

The 100 Writers Room on Twitter


So, what will the trailer contain?  A number of fans are hoping for some Bellamy and Clarke interaction, and I would like to see the continuation of survival and love.  It is really exciting and the best early Christmas gift!  I can speak for the majority of us that we love early gifts!

I  have come up with the North American time zone chart for the trailer times.  It will be released on social media.

EDIT: Australian and European times have been added.  See below after “North America.”

Time zone chart (North America:)

9 AM Hawaiian-Aleutian time and west Alaska

10 AM Alaska standard time






Perth and western:  3 AM AWST Thursday, December 15th

Eucla:  3:45 AM ACWST

Darwin and central Australia:  5:15 AM ACST

Brisbane and Melbourne: 5 AM AEST

Adelaide: 5:30 AM ACDT

Sydney and Eastern Australia: 6 AM AEDT

Europe and the UK:

The majority of Europe: 8 PM CET

Portugal: 7 PM WET

The UK: 7 PM GMT

Ireland:  7 PM GMT

Ukraine and Moscow: 10 PM EET and 11 PM MSK


Also, I will upload the trailer onto the Grounders Source Youtube channel (Will change the URL when it hits 100 subscribers) as quick as possible.

ICYMI: The 100 will premiere its first episode of season four titled, Echoes on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 at 9/8 CT on the CW.

Follow Grounders Source on Twitter @GroundersSource and on Facebook @GroundersSource.  You may also leave a comment below.



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