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Octavia Blake: Road To Destruction?

Octavia Blake, fan-favored heroine and now rumored assassin of The 100 has evolved rather drastically over the course of three seasons. With the death of Lincoln (Rick Whittle), difficulty finding her place in the world, (Not Trikru, not Skaikru), and trying to break ties with her older brother Bellamy, Octavia will have to deal with the trauma her own way.

Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), who was that not-so-afraid (Although we knew that she was) little girl from under the floor, has surfaced into a strong warrior. She may have found her physicallity, but maybe not her emotions.   She may even have an “identity crisis” in the upcoming season four, airing this February.  In fact, as depicted in the season four trailer, Octavia is in full throttle Grounder mode and just fighting with Azgeda and others.  She is coping with her grief and loss in a vengeful way.  Some say that this ia a cool way, as she can slay anyone on the show.  Yet, from a psychological perspective, this will only elevate the problems, and blur the healing process.  And what about reconciling with Bellamy (Bob Morley)?  After all he is her brother, and only family. Plus, I think that the Blake siblings are a substantial point on The 100.  They are always looking out for one another, until recently.  Octavia, in her mind believes that Bellamy is responsible for Lincoln’s death.  If it was not for Pike’s facist BS, and brainwash, and Bellamy’s fear of his death if he didn’t follow Pike’s rule, then this probably would not have happened.  But if Bellamy not to go with Pike, would it still have happened?  Probably, because in part that Pike would have found another individual to take Bellamy’s place, and take advantage of his vulnerability and trauma.  But as soon as Bellamy realized what he has done, he snapped right back.   Sadly though, Octavia did not see this.  The hope of a reconcilation happening soon is rather bleak.  Bellamy regardless of his love for his baby sister Octavia is slowly realizing that he will have to let go eventually.  As hard and heartbreaking as that is, it needs to be done.   Octavia, like many young women need to be their own person, and flourish.  But, I don’t think slaying everyone is the correct way to go.  However, this is The 100, a series about survival and truth, and it does not always relect the good.  But life was never meant to be easy, as we have to constantly fight for it.  Back on the Blake relationship, and patching up the holes,  showrunner Jason Rothenberg, has given TVLine the following statement:

“Part of Bellamy’s journey is realizing that Octavia is her own person and that he needs to let her figure things out for herself,” he explains. “He feels incredibly protective of her. His identity, in my ways, is wrapped up in her existence. He feels like her parent, and like all parents, he needs to realize that you have to let your children fly on their own at some point.” 

It looks like Octavia will be making her own choices, without Bellamy’s guidence, and no matter the consequences of her actions.  The real question though is that will she realize what she is doing before it is too late?  Just how far is too far?

My prediction(s) are that yes, even though it will take some time, Octavia will reconnect with Bellamy.  It will not be easy, but they only got each other.  My other outlook is that Octavia will eventually snap back, but for now, she is on the road to destruction.


The 100 will premiere its fourth season with the first episode, Echoes February 1st, 2017 on the CW.

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