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Friday was The 100‘s panel and press at Comic Con 2016.  While I could not be there myself, (Somehow, big crowds scare me???), I tried to keep up with all the exciting stuff.  Here are the highlights and season four spoilers from the event.

Highlights and Spoilers

  • Zach McGowan (King Roan of Azgeda) will be a series regular in the upcoming fourth season.  Long live the King!
  • Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will move on from the death of Lexa.  She is eighteen, beautiful, and eventually will love again.  Since she is bisexual, the possibilities are infinite.  Also, more then anything, Clarke deserves to be happy.
  • Polis will be hit first with the nuclear storm, which means everyone must fight quickly to decide the fate of both peoples.  One option is the return to space, but as Christopher Larkin (Monty Green) addressed, that would not be feasible, as the Sky people had to come to earth due to their dying ARK.  The other option would be Mt. Weather.  However, the real conflict will be deciding who will survive.
  • The first episode of the thirteen episodes will focus on will be the new Chancellor, and determining a new Commander for the Trikru.
  • Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) will not be returning, but the Flame will serve a very crucial role in the season.
  • Jasper (Devon Bostick) was supposed to commit suicide at the end of 316, but it was deemed too dark, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for the season three closure.
  • The fate of Indra was up in the air, but her status is “alive.”
  • Eliza Taylor is proud to portray a strong, and powerful woman on TV.  She has been playing the “dumb, slutty blond” for fifteen years.  It is an honor for her to be Clarke.
  • Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) was supposed to be Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) father, but the writers did not drive this route.
  • Richard Harmon (John Murphy) originally auditioned for the role of Bellamy Blake (Bobby Morley).  However, he likes the story of Murphy, and the character.  In addition, he has also has his “Bonnie to his Clyde.”
  • Octavia will head down a very dark and dangerous path, following the death of Lincoln.
  • Raven (Lindsey Morgan) is excited to have a super brain. Although ALIE is gone, she has left her intelligence, thus giving Raven even more knowledge.
  • Everyone will have to reclaim themselves after being possessed and chipped by ALIE.
  • Kane will also have to refocus his life, and become a leader that everyone deserves and needs.
  • The women of The 100 states that we need powerful, strong, and determine women on TV.  They are proud to be given that opportunity.

That is a lot (and more to come) to prepare for season four.  If only we didn’t have to wait so long!  All of the coverage and photos will be up tomorrow night, or at the latest, Monday.

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