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The 100 Season Four Filming Dates

by Evelyn Ulrich

Season four of the post-apocalyptic science fiction series, The 100 has an official filming date!


YVR Shoots, a filming production company in Vancouver, BC, has announced the official filming!  How exciting is this?

The 100 will begin shooting the new season August 2nd, to January 16th, 2017.  Earlier this year, fans gather to see the season finale being shot as they were invited to do so.

Unfortunately, there will be no new scenes or trailers to share at the San Diego Comic Con.  This is due because the dates for the convention is July 21st-24th.   Yet, hopefully, lots of behind-the-scenes will be taken, and shared.  Although, I do semi-like the element of surprise.

Penning for the fourth season has already started.  The writers begun May 19, the night of the season three finale.

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