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Lindsey Morgan’s Battle Scars Campaign

by Evelyn Ulrich

Lindsey Morgan’s helping to raise funds for the victims of the Pulse Night Club shooting with a campaign entitled “Battle Scars.”

Lindsey has always been a giver, and her heart is always in the right place.  The Pulse Night Club tragedy is one of the worse in US history, and made the LGBTQ community feel like they are “unworthy.”  I am by absolute no means putting them down, hurting them, or disposing them in any way. No person should feel like that they are unworthy, because it is not true.  This was just a very horrible event for all of us.

Lindsey is running a two-week campaign through Represent.com called, “Battle Scars.”  All proceeds will benefit eqfl.org, a nonprofit organazation that will help the LGBTQ community in Florida.  You can help too, by accessing the Represent site, and going to Lindsey’s page.

https://represent.com/lindsey/morgan-we-all-have-battle-scars-limited-edition  ⬅

I have brought a shirt, but even if you cannot, just sharing and spreading news about the campaign will just be as helpful!  It is a great thing that people are coming together to reach out, support, and love after such devastation.  This is what the world needs.

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