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Marie Avgeropoulos Shares Linctavia and Disheartening Outlook

After losing her love, and now on a fragile level with her older brother, Bellamy, Octavia is now in need for some solitude.  She is one of the most evolutioned characters on The 100, going from that meek little girl from the floor, to a very strong and slaying warrior.  All in the course of three seasons.  Marie Avgeropoulos, who portrays Octavia gives the dirt on O’s heartbreaking loss, and what is ahead for her character.


“Of course, myself as an actress I was so sad to see Ricky Whittle go,” Marie shares. “He’s a wonderful man and we have a great friendship. That romance was so deserved. They made so many epic sacrifices for one another. It was the classic, forbidden Romeo and Juliet romance. That’s the way it started and that’s the way it ended. It was horrible and beautiful all at the same time. That’s all they kept doing, is sacrificing their lives for one another. That’s exactly how the story ended and I feel like that chapter in a respectful way, in terms of the romance.”

As for the future, Marie said, “Next season, you’re going to see Octavia take a lot of really dark turns and uncover some really nasty layers. That will be exciting for me as an actress. She’s always evolving and changing.”

Octavia has survived, despite what Skaikru and Grounders have endured.  After, she is one of The 100, and what do they do?  They always try to find a way to survive. It’s what they do.

The key of survival on earth?

Not dying.

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